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don’t let establishing routines sacrifice readers and writers

“You’re a left winger! You’re a left winger!” The coach runs along the sideline of the scrimmage. “You’re not trees — move! You need to protect the goal. Move up! Attack!” His feedback is constant. “You’re a left winger! Over here, this is your territory! Be ready for the pass. You’re a left winger!” He directs according to position. “You’re a goalkeeper! That’s how you protect the goal!” He knows soccer. He talks soccer. There are no worksheets on the positions.There are no lectures about what each player does.There isn’t… Read more don’t let establishing routines sacrifice readers and writers

conferring angsts

What do you find most difficult about conferring? This is the question I posed to Two Writing Teacher readers today. It’s an important question, because by zeroing in on the specific things we find difficult, we are able to develop a plan of action. I’m a conferring junkie. I love it. So this question gives me pause. Those are the very best questions. The ones I have to stop and think about for myself. I’ll begin with a little history — the things I used to find most difficult… Getting… Read more conferring angsts