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Here are a few of my favorites from the week.

Choice Literacy FREE Big Fresh Newsletter. If you don’t subscribe, you are missing out. This is a resource available to anyone — you don’t have to be a member of Choice Literacy. Today I’m excited to be the author of the Big Fresh lead. It was inspired by my pie making adventures. Click here to read my history as a wannabe pie maker and for my mom’s recipe.

I spent some time in my notebook, following the story in my heart and am a little closer to finding the big idea of my next book. This is both exciting and scary.

I love posts where words and pictures work together to make meaning. This slice from Deb Day at Coffee with Chloe is one that makes me smile. In a few words and a few images she documents her students and shows how special they are. And in a way that defines Deb’s writing style she shows something even more. This post shows how remarkable she is as a teacher. I wish I could write like Deb. (Her dog, Chloe, makes me a jealous writer too.)

Who isn’t a sucker for handwritten notes? This is why I find space in the middle of the week to bake cookies. This week I made a quadruple batch of snickerdoodles. They were gone within 48 hours. Stephanie said, “I thought you made extras, where are the cookies?”
I hope you’ve had a week filled with favorite bits too.

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  1. I love you. Thanks for all the nice things you say. When I wonder if I ever say anything worthwhile, you write a post and say nice things about me. Another affirmation….

  2. I remembered your struggle with the pie crust when I read your lead to The Big Fresh this morning. One can never go wrong with the phrase “Love more” in your mind and heart. Deb is a special person, she knows how to love more too. Mmmmm those cookies did look good, and the note made them even sweeter. Lovely bits on this Saturday evening. 🙂