Yo-Ho-Ho {Pirate Inspired Writing Instruction}

September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (link takes you to Wikipedia; here is the official site).  Next to Christmas, this may just be my favorite!  A little known secret is that I’m an avid pirate-lover.  I love all things Pirate (except for the baseball team) — I even created a pirate picture book list for this year’s #pb10for10.

For years we’ve been talking like pirates on September 19. In the past, these things have been said…

Avast me hearties, I said as we left the house.
Well, shiver me timbers, Steph said in surprise when she saw her favorite cereal.
Ahoy Mateys, Hannah practiced telling her friends before walking out the door this morning.
And my absolute favorite, Sam (at age two) said to me I was taking off his Pirate costume  (yes, the little guy was obsessed too): Momma, I’m a pirate.  I don’t need jammies.  I am Swashbuckling Sam.  I’m a pirate, don’t take it off.  Momma, you landlubber,  WALK THE PLANK!

(Yes, that is honestly a direct quote.  He used to wear an eye patch for a few hours each day to correct a “crazy eye” so he learned at an early age to perfect his pirate-lingo!)

Writing workshop is a perfect place to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. Perhaps some of these ideas will work their way into your plans for next Thursday. Avast ye –

  1. Make maps in your writer’s notebooks.  Use “X” to mark the spot where stories have happened.  Need more inspiration for some kooky maps?  Check out Sara Fanelli’s book, My Map Book.
  2. Use International Talk Like a Pirate Day as a way to enter into a conversation on voice.
  3. Read Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies to talk about the importance of writing with meaning.  (Henry is an avid reader — another excellent use for this book — and helps the Buccaneers survive due to all of the knowledge he has gleaned from books.  It may be a stretch, but I think it would work for a lesson on writing with meaning!)

Here on the home front, we will read pirate books all week and on Thursday we’ll eat “Fish & Chips,” and drink root beer from dark bottles.

Savey, Mateys?

[parts of this post originally shared online on 09.19.2008]

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  1. I love The Map Book, but Henry & The Buccaneer Bunnies looks hilarious, Ruth. I'm assuming “yes”, but must ask if you know the Pirates poetry book by David Harrison? Very neat poems, and facts! Thanks for reminding about this BIG day!