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I’m glad you are here to celebrate! For more information, check out the CELEBRATE This Week page. Here’s my quick little list: One. While trying to organize my thoughts and learning from NCTE, I made a list of people at the conference who impacted my thinking. There were over 30 names on the list and people from 18 different states. I love that I’m connected to a diverse group of professionals who help me see what’s possible when it comes to helping kids become stronger readers and writers. I’ll be… Read more CELEBRATE This Week VII

Choose Happy

In my house growing up the mother of all four letter words was the word can’t. Not only was it not allowed, but it would poke and prod until my normally passive parents would be in an uproar. Can’t was a dirty word. It wasn’t allowed out of my mouth. I think not good enough is the evil twin of can’t. It’s dressed a little differently, but it has the same effect. It keeps us from reaching our full potential. I’m learning how to squelch not good enough.  Pray. I… Read more Choose Happy