Celebrations: Accidents, Mishaps, Stumbles, & Falls

I’m celebrating accidents and mishaps and stumbles and falls.

Hannah broke her arm at cross country practice. I spent several hours in the ER with her on Friday night. I saw, firsthand, how she is growing a strong spirit. I loved that she asked me to be the parent to take her to the ER. I loved how she made the nurse pause and smile. I loved that she said, “Thanks for taking care of me, Mom. I like that I know you and Dad will always take care of me.”

Andy’s Aunt Pat gives our family Kings Island tickets each year for Christmas. We stay with her since she lives within an hour of the park. I adore Aunt Pat. She’s eclectic. Never married. Retired Dean of Students for Cedarville University. Hysterical. Cancer survivor.

Only there are more tumors. And she just learned she has Parkinson’s Disease. She makes no bones about the fact that her body is failing. In fact, she usually makes a joke.

But there is this uncommon spirit about her.

Everything about her body is failing and yet there is unmistakable joy in her soul.

As she becomes weaker, the Spirit becomes bolder. Although I would never wish for what she is bearing, I do hope I can learn to become less so the Spirit can be bigger in me.


Jay is still learning how to allow love to overcome fear. He is still learning that love is more powerful than anything. He is still learning to let us love him.

And I’m holding on to threads of hope that Love is enough to suffocate his fear.

I choose to celebrate because Stephanie walked this road before him. She is learning to trust us. She is learning she doesn’t have to fear. She is proof that love restores hurt hearts. She hugs me hard tonight and asks me to pray. She leans against me and I rock back, smiling because this reward is much sweeter than I deserve.

Yes, I celebrate the mishaps in life. I celebrate the times things go wrong. I celebrate the things that make me scream.

After all, this is what life is made of. The accidents and mishaps, stumbles and falls are simply opportunities to see great big Love.

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  1. All I can say is, Ruth you inspire. Your life takes on a roller coaster dipping and turning, but yet you find the celebration. Hugs to you and all under your roof.

  2. Somehow, I missed this post last week. So glad that you show us how to celebrate the accidents and mishaps, the stumbles and falls, and to hang onto the threads of hope.