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Jordan is officially adopted! This takes the cake when it comes to celebrations. 

Any other week, I’d also celebrate…
  1. Getting spoiled at the Choice Literacy Writing Retreat. I can’t even put words to what it is like to have time and space to write, while being surrounded by other writers who just understand the process and the work and field of education.
  2. I’m turning 37. In all of the excitement I think only my parental units remembered!
  3. Hannah’s 4-H project — an adorable dress for her doll — is complete. Hannah says she’s never going to sew another stitch in her life. We’ll see.
  4. Ball tourneys start today. This is bittersweet. We love baseball and softball, but will also love reclaiming our afternoons and evenings.
  5. I love the way Sam always finds fun. Here are two shots from Friday that capture his playfulness. Someone promise me he won’t outgrow this.

“Let’s take a selfie while we wait, Mom.”
“I love it when you spray me with shivery cold hose water! Do it again!”


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  1. So glad you shared this fantastic family celebration! Hannah's 4-H project – wonderful memories evoked by those words. There's fodder there for summer slicing!

  2. Family forever is the BEST celebration of all times! BTW, happy birthday too. I hope life settles down for a few weeks and you can savor the joy of all around you.

  3. Congratulations on the adoption being official! Also, Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have a lot of celebrating to do. Have a great week!

  4. Congratulations to the Ayres family! Woo Hoo! And happy birthday! May all the gifts you bring to all of us come back to bless you richly in this coming year!

  5. Happy, happy week! Congratulations on a final, official step for your forever family! And Happy Birthday to you–I love that your parents always remember to celebrate you, even when life becomes filled with other reasons to celebrate. You deserve to be celebrated!