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There is much to celebrate just coming off of #allwrite14. I’m almost afraid to make a list because I know I’m going to forget something or leave someone out.
One. Check out the #allwrite14 Twitter feed from the All-Write Summer Institute. It is exceptional professional development. Then mark your calendars for June 18-19, 2015 for next year’s conference.
Two.   I am overwhelmed by the number of people who invest in me as a writer. Thank you to those who let me talk about my writing process and others who complimented me on my stories and those who told me stories of your own and the ones who let me figure out the important ideas. It takes a whole community for a writer to be sustained.
Three. I liked dinner on Friday night. (I liked dinner on Thursday night too, but I forgot to take a picture!) It is amazing the way story binds friends. I’m grappling with the joy that comes from being around dear friends and they way I miss those who I wish were here.
Four. I get to focus on writing at the Choice Literacy Writing Retreat for contributors. I can’t wait to wrangle my writing life in the next few days.
Five. My writing group is so quirky and sneaky (and this makes me love them more). They introduced me for the keynote. It was sweet and touching and made me forgive them instantly for meeting without me!

Six. I loved being in the same room while the #nerdybookclub team (Cindy, Colby, Donalyn, & Katherine) recorded a video. I love the way teams work together and fuel one another’s passions.

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  1. AllWrite, writing retreat, community supporting a writer, writing group – such a writerly celebration. I love the smiles on the pic. Makes me wish to wave my hand and say hi.

  2. Ruth, I'm so grateful for all of the tweets from #allwrite….it almost felt like I was there too. I LOVE this line from your post, “It takes a whole community for a writer to be sustained.” That one is going in my notebook and on my wall. It's so true!! I love that you have such a supportive writing group. YAY!! Thanks again for this amazing space. I shared about it in a presentation at a conference I attended. The presentation was about teachers as bloggers and building an audience and a community. Writing & sharing celebration posts makes me a better blogger and teacher and a better person…thank you!

  3. I celebrate that you tell your stories, they enrich my life. The days flew by and I know I will relive many moments. The memories make me smile. Thank you!

  4. You've had a fabulous week and I know you will find quiet and rich writing while at the Choice Literacy Writing Retreat. I wish we could share a porch together, as writers again. I'll be thinking of you while I'm in Hocking Hills.

  5. This is so great! I sure wish I could have gone to All Write to hear you present, but I'll mark my calendar for next year. 🙂 The tweets were wonderful. I loved the line that Michelle mentioned, also: “It takes a whole community for a writer to be sustained.” So true! I'll be going to a CL writing retreat this week, too. Looking forward to it! Enjoy yours. 🙂

  6. It would be a dream come true to hear you in person…For now, I am so thankful for tweets and your blog!

    I received a gift card for Chapters! So excited! I am ordering “Celebrating Writers”!

  7. I've read so many great posts about All Write. I must go next year. Enjoy your writing retreat. We'll miss you in Hocking Hills. Thank you for creating this space to gather celebrations. It makes a huge difference in lives. Have a great week.

  8. You gave so much of yourself this week; it is good to hear all that you took in! Your keynote was truly amazing. It was such a gift to each one of us to be pulled in by your words, lifted up by your words, and set free by your words. Thank you for all the coordinating and welcoming you did for us all, too. It did not go unnoticed.