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opening books together

“I’d rather stay home with Mom.” I’m not even joking, these are the exact words out of Sam’s mouth when we asked him to get ready to go to Club Riot, the Wednesday evening meeting for kids every March and October. The girls love it. Sam always opts to stay home. I thought he’d go this time around.Is it bad that a little part of me is glad he turned it down again to stay home with me? Before the rest of the family was even out of the garage,… Read more opening books together


Sam turned seven. Will I ever light his candles and not wonder how the year went so fast? Will I ever not stand in disbelief about how much he’s changed? Seven Things I Hope I Never Forget He loves to read. He reads every day. He loves almost everything — nonfiction, fantasy, mystery, poetry, realistic fiction…if he can open the cover, he likes to read it. He builds Lego creations with surprising detail and precision. He prefers to make his own designs. This week he performed Lego Episodes for me… Read more seven