ivy + bean book three: book review

Stephanie finished book three last weekend, worked her way through book four and is now into book five. Meanwhile she’s hooked Hannah on the series, and last night Sam finished the first book. I’m pretty sure we are going to be celebrating big on October 13, the first Annual Ivy + Bean Day!

For today’s post, Stephanie (grade 3) wrote a book review of Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record. Since she’s hooked both of her siblings on the book, we were talking about how readers often use reviews to share their opinions about a book. For more of the process of writing reviews with young writers, check out my post on Two Writing Teachers.

Here is Stephanie’s review.

Aren’t you just dying to read Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record after reading her 5-star review? Steph promises you’ll like it “more than an icrecream fudge sundae!!” (“I used two exclamation points, Mom, because it is sososososo good!”)

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  1. What a wonderful review. I like dinosaurs and I am a fan of Ivy + Bean so I feel like I need to read this book SOON. Plus, I love ice cream so if the book is better than ice cream than it must be really good!

  2. I have been enjoying these interactions with your girls so much. Her review paired with some of your comments and the companion blog post were perfect. I love that you shared it with her writing rather than typing it in.

  3. This review pushed me over the top, I've just finished the first book. These are great for jumping into chapter books. Thanks for the review Stephanie. You present a convincing argument.

  4. This is a great book review! It will be a good example to share with my own students once they start writing reviews of their own. It is also a good example to use for opinion writing. Lastly, thank you for introducing me to this series. I will have to work on adding it to my classroom library.

  5. I am going to my classroom and grab the two I have this weekend and take the time to read them. If your kiddos are loving them, I am sure I can get my students hooked too. I bought them last year because I liked the title:) My son's nickname is “bean” just because it was fun to say Kai-bean when he was little:)

  6. Do they talk about the different types do dinosaurs or just the fossils? Are they a putty quick read? Meaning pretty. My iPad wouldn't backspace.

    Thanks for the review!