What I Find When I LEAP

Leap is a risky word. It flies in the face of comfort and conformity. It questions tradition and pushes back on the way things have always been.

Leap changes a person, making her realize there is power in living audaciously.

Leap is about being recklessly bold and intrepidly daring. Living leap can be surprising or shocking.

Living all in for Christ is about living leap
Leap looks dangerous to the world and it feels dangerous too, until a soul understands the goodness of God.
In Before Amen, Max Lucado wrote, “Nothing pleases Jesus as much as being audaciously trusted.” I asked myself, “What would I do if I audaciously trusted Jesus?” and I made a list in my notebook.
It made me sad.
A list of ten actions if I audaciously trusted Jesus quickly rolled off my pen. It was difficult to write fast enough, to collect all the things I would do IF I audaciously trusted Jesus. My heart stung, realizing my faith is still so small. 
The list is only possible if I leap — if I break conformity and risk comfort — if I make choices based on audaciously trusting Jesus rather than based on how things are always done.

I reread my list and wondered if maybe I am a fraud. Instead of giving up, I gave it more thought. Maybe the problem is I need to understand the goodness of God. Because if God is good, then I can audaciously trust Him. I started praying on the same day I made the list, November 25, to understand more fully the goodness of God in order to audaciously trust Him.

I want to leap and live the life God creates for me.

Just because the calendar rolled to a new year doesn’t mean leap will roll out of my life. It is here to stay, woven into the fibers of my heart. Today I look at my list and realize seven of the items are now part of the life I’m living.

I leap and find a very good God as my safety night.

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  1. Ruth, I know the Lord led me to your site this morning~ Your insight and wonderful reflections of 'audaciously trusting' in order to leap are wonderful and ring so true! In October, the Father gave these words to my family (and church family) – 2015 is a year of 'New Beginnings.' He is showing me daily that new beginnings only occur as I leap AND grow in my trust of His love for me! Thank you for your post ~ it is exciting to know that the Father has gone before us and prepared the way as we continue the journey of sharing His glory!!

    And I apologize for the previous deletes – spell check turned off is not a good thing!!