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This week I’m celebrating ONE LITTLE WORDS.
2015 marks my TENTH (!) One Little Word. 

A Decade Collection of One Little Words
 I decided to make a little video to curate my words.

As is customary, you can expect to see a “What LEAP Taught Me” post as well as the selection of my 2015 OLW: unhurried.
Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy my little two minute documentary.

Happy New Year!

Share your celebrations below.


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  1. Wow – 10 years! I love your video. I think salt is one of the most unique One Little Words, and I remember thinking that when you originally shared about it. Whenever I hear “You are the salt of the earth” it makes me think of you. I look forward to hearing more about leap and unhurried.

    I am pretty sure that you are the one who I learned about the One Little Word concept from. It has had such a big impact on my life, so thank you for sharing your process and the concept of OLW.

  2. Ruth, while I contemplate my post for this week, I want to compliment you on your short video chronicling your OLW journey. It was quite a nice look into a decade of OLWs. That is impressive! I am only on Year 2. Unhurried is a wonderful word that I need to reflect upon. I will do that through your journey this year. Thank you.

  3. This is a lovely video. May I say, Salt was my favorite? I'm tucking that one away to see if it reappears sometime. I completed OLW for the first time in 2014, what a great way to simply reflect on how things are going.

  4. I loved your video, Ruth, nice to look back and consider all the years. I know that you are the person who led me to the 'one little word' concept, and it's been a pleasure through these years, so thank you. There's a new picture book I recently discovered you might enjoy, titled Breathe, by Scott Magoon, that speaks of being “unhurried”. It's for the younger folks, but the message is clear! Happy 2015!

  5. Oh Ruth, thank you for sharing your ten little words. Yes, you were the one to lead me too. Now, I am moving into my third year. I sent you a DM about that inspiration. Thank you for creating this space to celebrate. With my OLW for 2015 it will be even more important for me to celebrate. Happy Unhurried New Year to you.

  6. What a great video and like Terje, I find it lovely to hear your voice. Now when I read your posts, I will hear it each time. I might just have to look into the OLW challenge. I haven't done that in the past. Thank you!

  7. A decade of words is a cause for celebration! That collage is a powerful visual of your journey, of who you are. It was fun to hear your trip through time in the video. Seeing the words in order really shows how they build on one another–one word, one focus, leads to the next.

  8. Like Carol, this is only my 2nd year of OLW. I loved seeing a reflection of 10 years! How do you make the image of each year's word? I love the collage of them.

  9. A decade of OLWs . . . loved your video about your words. Can't wait to see your journey with unhurried this year. I'm in for my 3rd year, but I've been following your words for quite a few years!