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 In a world that never rests and constantly spins harried, I deemed 2015 as the year for unhurried. It is a timely word. Unhurried is not the same as balanced and it doesn’t mean simplify. Unhurried isn’t lazy and it isn’t about busy-ness.
Unhurried is about the pace I set my heart to live.
When Sam was a toddler and beginning to do things on his own, I realized I was always rushing him. One day I thought, Why am I always rushing him? He has the rest of his life to hurry up.  I made up my mind to quit rushing my two year old.
Do you know what happened? We quit being late. I’m not sure how it works, but somehow when you quit hurrying you gain time.
Jesus lived unhurried.
He was busy — especially during the years of his public ministry. He wasn’t rushed. He had time because he lived unhurried.
It takes faith to live an unhurried pace. It takes obedience to live an unhurried pace. It takes letting go of control to live an unhurried pace.
I’m learning God is big enough to take care of my time. He is powerful enough to bend the minutes in order to give space in each day for the work He has for me.
I have an inkling that unhurried is what happens when radical faith and rapid obedience team up to complete the works God has for a person.
This week I celebrate what’s to come as I learn to live unhurried.


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  1. “Unhurried is about the pace I set my heart to live.” This is beautiful and is something so many of us can learn from. I also need to learn that God is big enough to take care of my time. I actually wrote about God's time in my last post. I can't wait to see what becomes of your unhurried year.

  2. Lovely to think of being 'unhurried', Ruth. At school, we so value long, uninterrupted blocks of time, feel that 'settling in' to a project, no matter what kind, begs for “unhurried” work. Enjoy this word.

  3. Love the post about being “unhurried”. It's such a great life lesson and a reminder I needed. Ruth, this morning I did NOT feel like celebrating, but I wrote anyway. To write a post about celebrating when feeling sad and lonely is hard…but I am so grateful because the act of writing has helped me today. You are such a gift. Thank you!

  4. You give such beautiful words to what my family tries to achieve. We are purposeful about being at home, and don't over schedule on purpose. It's a heart-set, an act of obedience, but it's not about being lazy, as you stated. I just made a note in my notebook to write about a Vision for Home. Beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing your space with us!

  5. Unhurried. Letting go of control. But not of planning and preparation. Leaving space for the unexpected. Thanks for the reminder that it is a better way of living.

  6. Unhurried. This could mean externally or internally. You have an unhurried, grounding presence. It is like you naturally make others feel centered and calm. It is only right that you claim some of that 'unhurried' for yourself.