You Inspire Me {Coffee for My Heart}

Who inspires you?

I’m almost afraid to publish this list because the moment I do is the exact moment that I forget someone who should be on this list In fact, I had to cut myself off — set a timer and stop when it sounded. Because the truth of the matter is inspiration comes from every nook of my life. It is the beauty of the way we are created — each enhancing another life. I’m sorry if the timer dinged before you were added to the list. You are important because you inspire others simply by  being you.


Andy inspires me to not take life too seriously.

Becca N. inspires me to breathe.

Becca S. inspires me to dream.

Brenda inspires me to live life to the fullest.

Christy inspires me to savor my story.

Colby inspires me to know my job matters.

Dad inspires me to be my best.

Deb D. inspires me to play with my writing.

Deb G. inspires me to be kind.

Elsie inspires me to see the world.

Franki inspires me to connect.

Hannah inspires me to listen.

Heidi inspires me to believe the best in people.

Jasmine inspires quiet strength.

Jordan inspires me to laugh.

Joy inspires me to lead.

Linda inspires me to comment.

Mary Helen inspires me to laugh loud.

Mom inspires me to be creative.

Ruth M. inspires me to write more.

Sam inspires me to be silly.

Scott inspires me to be creative.

Stephanie inspires me to let go of control.

Tam inspires me to pause.

Tammy inspires me to give.

Tricia inspires me to be calm.

The Coffee for Your Heart concept is simple: Holley Gerth is asking us to pour out a little love with our words every Wednesday. There’s a prompt each week. Last Wednesday was, “Who inspires you?” The next writing prompt is this: “A small thing that makes a big difference is…

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  1. I guess my reply is 'back at you', Ruth! There's so much inspiration each day that sometimes I am overwhelmed. I guess that's good, right? Looks as if you, too, have a basket that is full. Thanks for including me in that basket!

  2. Knowing you has kept me looking for the good in my life–nothing I do/think is small. When I'm overwhelmed from what/whomever, I think of the BONS. These are the kinds of people I want to be around. Thank you for bringing the good to my life.