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Discover. Play. Build.

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! For more information, check out the CELEBRATE This Week page. Please use #celebratelu to share.

I’m celebrating sunshine! It’s been impossible to miss this week and even though it’s cold, the sun is warm and bright and chases away the grey

I traveled to the WRITE TO LEARN conference this week. Since there wasn’t a close airport, I decided to drive instead of fly. A few weeks ago, my friend Heidi volunteered to travel with me so I could make it home for school on Friday. (We arrived home at 2:00 am and I went to school yesterday then crashed last night. This is the reason Celebrate was up late today. Oops!)

Heidi and I had a great time, filling the car with all kinds of conversation and laughter. I was blessed by her friendship. 

I found this little friend in my mailbox at school from a friend. It’s a reminder that life isn’t something we travel alone. On the card was written, “I’m glad we are part of the same flock.”

It’s been a week when I’ve realized the true blessing of friendship. (Thank you everyone who commented on Sam’s book review — he felt your encouragement!) I’m sure this topic of friendship is going to influence some of my 40 stories.

There were a great group of teachers in my preconference session at WRITE TO LEARN, and we wrote, talked, and celebrated together. A group of Elsie‘s friends sat at the front table. Their energy filled the room and was contagious.

Chris Lehman was also leading a preconference session in a room the floor below me. We were able to squeeze in a few chats over lunch and at the end of the conference. I’m grateful for the professional connections I have and the way conversations naturally happen when you are around people with similar beliefs and convictions. I admire Chris’s conviction to keep reading genuine and real — not contrived and “worksheet-ed.”

Looking forward to celebrating together!


  1. Love that little sheep! A good reminder that we don't travel life alone. Still heartsick I couldn't attend your session. Glad you made it home safely considering the late hour.

  2. Sounds like a very nice week, Ruth, so much to celebrate! Your conference, and traveling with a friend. There is nothing nicer than extended talk on road trips! Hope that sun stays a while longer-we have sleety snow today, but I'm happy it's Saturday! The sheep is so thoughtful, lovely surprise for you!

  3. What a lot of celebrations! I love “we are all part of the same flock” sheep gift! What a lovely way of saying thank you! Your writing conference sounded wonderful – and sharing it with someone else makes it even better! Hope you get some sleep this weekend!

  4. I'm with Adrienne – I love the “we are all part of the same flock” gift! Your conference sounded great. I also love the picture of you with Chris Lehman. I saw him speak for the first time at NCTE, and I thought he was wonderful! I visited your link for the 40 stories. Amazing!

  5. Nothing like being around positive/good people of like spirit. Precious lamb says it all. The aunt that was my third mother but really my first loved lambs. Keep her close. Have a blessed March and spring!