Little Matters to Love

{Image credits: PSE 11; Valentine brushes from Jessica Sprague}

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to love the hard-to-love. 

The eighth grader with crossed arms and glaring from eye slits. The third grader who won’t stop moving — up and down, up and down in his seat, spinspinspin down the hall. The kindergartener who needs to go see the nurse for a band aid, a cough drop, a head ache…again.

The friend who won’t call back. The family member who forgot again. The driver who pulls out in front of you and drives below the speed limit every day on your way home from work.

The one who won’t smile back. The one who said that thing that isn’t true. The one who refuses to ever talk to you again.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel not-loved.

This is why little matters when it comes to love.

We can always give a little — a little hug, a little time, a little help. 
We can always see a little — a little smile, a little gesture, a little relief.

When we give a little, we show love more. When we see a little we feel love more.

Then the real work of Love happens. The little becomes more. The more becomes sustenance. And the world changes, because little matters in the hands of a big God is not a little matter — especially when it comes to Love.

The Coffee for Your Heart concept is simple: Holley Gerth is asking us to pour out a little love with our words every Wednesday. There’s a prompt each week. Last Wednesday was, “You’re Loved.”

Next week is: “You’re beautiful…just as you are.”  Write a blog post on that theme and link it up at Holley Gerth next Wednesday. Or if you don’t have a blog, you can post on Facebook, Twitter, or simply share a comment about how you let someone in your life know they’re loved this week.

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  1. Hi Ruth! I found your blog through Holley's Coffee for Your Heart. I loved your post! 🙂 I love the simple concept of giving a little love and how it can grow. So true! Thanks so much for you're words of love! Keep on writing! You're inspiring those around you. 🙂

  2. This is so full of truth. As I have grown and become more confident in my teaching, I am able to do the little things to tell my students I love them. I want to print your image and tape it to my desk to remind me to show a little love every day. Thanks.

  3. So true. It is easier to give a little love if you get in that habit. Otherwise it is easy to fall in to the damaging opposite. Thanks for the reminder.