Discover. Play. Build.

Discover. Play. Build.

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! For more information, check out the CELEBRATE This Week page. Please use #clebratelu to share.

Family. I’m celebrating family. It is good to be together and it is good that family is forever. We completed another pile of paperwork and are one step closer to the official adoption of our most recent member.

Friends. I’m celebrating friends who check in with you and friends who call you on a whim to do something fun and friends who want to have lunch together. I’m thankful for friends.

Feedback. Feedback is the way we grow and become the best we can be. This week I’ve had a lot of feedback about  a project I’m working on. I’m impressed how feedback nudges me. I’m also reminded how much courage it takes to ask for feedback and to share something that feels like a piece of your heart.

Coffee for Your Heart. This is a link up for encouragement. This week people responded to the question, “What do you want those you care about to know as they start 2014.” Check out the responses. You will be fortified.

Thank you for celebrating today. You make my weekends so much sweeter. 


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  1. Family, friends, feedback, fortified encouragement -festive choice of celebrations. The step closer to a growing family is wonderful news.

  2. I've missed checking in with you, Ruth. Happy to be back and sharing with you. Congrats on getting to the final steps in the adoption process.

  3. I am especially happy about your step closer to officially adopting. I do not know enough about the process and had not realized that was not already the case. The official process will probably make a big difference in aligning with all you have been doing to send the message that you are his forever family. Congratulations!