You are Enough {Coffee for Your Heart}

You are enough. You are made for this time and this place. There is work just for you to do and no one can do it quite like you. Instead of looking around the world and comparing ourselves, then falling short — let’s remember we are made for something special. Sometimes the world can steal our dreams and steal the truth that you are enough. Let’s spend 2014 doing the special thing we are created to do. Can you imagine if the whole wide world lived their dreams? It would be more than enough. It would be remarkable. And you are more than enough. You are remarkable.

The Coffee for Your Heart concept is simple: Holley Gerth is asking us to pour out a little love with our words every Wednesday. There’s a prompt each week. Last Wednesday was, “What encouraging words do you want the people you care about to hear as they begin a new year?”

Next week is: “You’re Loved.” Write a blog post on that theme and link it up at Holley Gerth next Wednesday. Or if you don’t have a blog, you can post on Facebook, Twitter, or simply share a comment about how you let someone in your life know they’re loved this week.

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  1. Ruth, I have used these words to counsel my friend through a divorce. Nothing like a divorce to beat up your self-esteem. I remember telling her, “You are enough.” I am happy to report that today she is a highly successful artist with her own gallery in New Orleans. Our words have the power to change lives.

  2. Thanks for this, Ruth. I feel like I have so many expectations for myself and when I can't live up to them, sometimes it feels like I'm not enough. But I am enough. I can only try my hardest and do my best and that has to be enough. Thank goodness for dreams and having something to look forward to and work towards. I try to remind myself how I'm living my dream. Each day is a dream and each day gets me closer to other dreams (sometimes not as fast as I would hope) but progress is still progress.

    Thanks again. You and your words are more than enough. 🙂