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Somewhat backed up.
Blue screen of death.
Panic sets in.
It could have been the un-backed-up computer, the one with my writing and presenting and professional living and so much work I’d never be able to recreate it. Perhaps, just maybe, this is as important as my photos and scrapbooking and family living that is backed up. The blue screen of death isn’t so bad when it’s on a computer that’s backed up. In fact, I’ve found the blue screen of death isn’t terrifying when I’ve responsibly backed up my files.
So today, instead of cleaning the cupboards and the laundry baskets and the refrigerator, I cleaned up my computer. I dug out the external hard drive and plugged it in. 2011 was the last time it ran a backup. I’ve done a lot of writing and presenting and documenting in my professional life since 2011. So much, in fact, my hard drive is almost filled. 
So I began the grueling process of deleting what’s no longer needed and moving folders from my computer hard drive to the external hard drive. Then I signed up for another Carbonite membership that will back up both my computer and my external hard drive. My professional living ought to be backed up too. 
Fortunately the blue screen of death was easily fixed by my go-to computer store. No files were lost. No viruses. No problem. I don’t need to endure the long process of downloading my files from Carbonite to my restored computer. I’ll just pick up my laptop, pay a small fee, and bring it home to use again.
The panic, though, it’s sticking with me. The what if it would have been my other computer, the what if I lost files that were not backed up, that feeling is enough for me to spend my snow day doing the tedious chore of being a responsible writer and speaker and educator by creating a backup. The panic is not worth it, especially when Carbonite makes it easy for me to automatically backup my files. I like having a current backup that is not dependent on me remembering to run it! Plus I can access all of my files from online and even from my phone. 
Now if only I can catch up with printing my photos!
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  1. When I read this I thought, What a good job done. Its one of those jobs you keep putting off but you know has to be done. Yeah, to spring cleaning the computer!

  2. Did know all of this jargon. I know we back up photos now and then, but we never want to take the time. I had something attack my computer once–horrors. I also killed two trojans last week! Good, preventive thoughs.

  3. Oh dear,
    I have no idea if I am backed up. Right now my back is against a wall as I type. But that is not what you are talking about.
    I need to figure this computer stuff out. If my computer got thrown in the bathtub, I would lose a years worth of photographs that are stored here.
    I know what I am doing tonight besides folding laundry.

  4. Like Donna, I use time capsule, & I have an external for photos & a few big files I only need to access now & then. You are terrific to get this done, Ruth. And to tell others about it!

  5. Ruth, my iPad calendar app recently started deleting everything from this school year–ALL OF MY COACHING RECORDS, etc. Though I had backed it up to the iCloud, not all of the information was there… so I have actually purchased a paper calendar and moved EVERYTHING back to paper. I am just too afraid to lose critical information like that…

  6. I'm too cheap and too lazy to have an external hard drive. I keep thinking “the cloud” will save me. But you've planted a seed of doubt in my head now…

  7. This is why I run Time Machine at least every week! I can't imagine losing everything. I loved your list of all the important stuff on your computer — that made your post seem so concrete and the backup so urgent. Glad you didn't lose anything!

  8. My work computer is backed up on our server automatically, but my computer at home has so many irreplaceable pictures. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. YIKES!
    And hey…didn't this happen to you before? Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else. At any rate, I've had the experience of thinking that every single file is gone, and it's horrible. Maybe I should do some electronic cleaning….and backing up….

  10. Yes! Several years ago my hard drive crashed and I lost about 2 weeks of photos. Unfortunately it was the 2 weeks of Christmas celebrations!

    The guy at the computer shop HIGHLY recommends having TWO backup systems.

  11. Mark is so good about this stuff…I am, well, not so much. I just had a conversation about this the other day. Too many warnings, too close together. I must take action, thanks for the reminder!