a missed conversation

Every morning for over five months I have been intentional about where my first of each day goes. Remarkably, I awake each morning, happy to get out of bed and ready to read scripture, write, pray, and listen. I drink my coffee and sit still, protected by peace. This has been a life changing experience.

It always is when you follow Jesus’ call.

Then the last two mornings happened.

I overslept.

I still had time to get ready for work. I read a few bible verses and a quick devotion. The kids weren’t rushed. Breakfast was still on the table. Lunches were packed. We weren’t late. I gulped my coffee. The day went on. Eventually I wrote and did the things I normally do each morning. It wasn’t the same.

I felt like I stood up a favorite friend. So I went to bed earlier last night.

And it happened again.

What kind of person stands up someone two days in a row?

I realized this: I can’t do it on my own. I can’t get up each morning at 4:03 and be ready to study, write, pray, and listen on my own. I seem to relinquish big things to the Lord, but the daily duties I continue to control. He wants it all — the big and the small.

So tomorrow, with God’s help, I will give my first to Him.

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  1. Like a friend, I believe the Lord sees your heart, understand, and loves. I love how He wants the little things as well as the big things.
    In your writing, I love how you mix your sentence lengths. You craft that well, hitting the right moment for the reader to stop and notice.

  2. An amazing statement of faith and belief and accountability. “I felt like I stood up a favorite friend” and “what kind of person stands up someone two days in a row” hit me right in the heart. I needed that. You will return to your moments of peace.

  3. I feel like Debbie and Carol; I have stood Him up too many times. So,time for bed, and get up to Him in the morning! Thank you Ruth!

  4. The first thing in the morning does set the tone for the rest of the day, doesn't it? Isn't it nice to know that you'll never get stood up though?

  5. I think your friend knew you need a little more time in the morning for a few days. I see you have a snow day!!!!! 🙂 Great slice…I think you are super organized!

  6. This was a great and inspirational reminder to place our importance where it should be placed. Isn't it funny the ways we are reminded of this?

  7. Big things are little things to the Lord, and little things are just as big as big things…like saying I can reach closer to the moon than my grandson…it's all relative, and God is SO big, all are small in comparison. So give Him the small as well as the big and He is happy. Thanks for the reminder of how I'm supposed to be starting His day!

  8. You remind me of my Auntie Mary. That's how she started each day. She was my best mom of the 3 I had. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. I'm glad that this has become a treasured part of your days, though the friend in me (I think our name calls us to this, right?) compels me to ask–what time are you able to get to bed? Stamina in spirit is likely to falter when we let the body wear down. Just a thought. 🙂

  10. My evenings have been too late and I have slept in to be more ready for the day but realize my day doesn't flow just right when I haven't taken our dogs on the early morning walk guided by the stars, moon, or gray sky. You've reminded me I need to switch back my hours.

  11. 4:03, huh? Girl, that's serious :). You're right — we can't do that day in and day out on our own; we need help. It's hard to relinquish all — big and little — when we have this innate need to control. Your faithful dedication (even though you have help :)) is inspirational.

  12. I continue to be amazed by you. Your heart chases after God. I've never ever thought about letting go of the little things, but I need to – in a major way. So grateful for your post.