i’m not sure what to slice (soLs)

I could write about how much I miss my parents since they are traveling through the west for a few weeks. It’s not so much about not seeing them, rather it’s just that they aren’t here and aren’t able to talk on the phone much.

I could slice about rolling my own pie dough from scratch in less than 30 minutes. Perhaps I’ve arrived. It made me feel closer to my mom.
Maybe I should write about our 100 Book Celebration and the two hours of sheer joy in the bookstore with my kids. (Yes, all four of us made it — tallying 400+ books. Because, according to Stephanie, “Once you get in the fun of reading books, you just don’t stop!”)
The steaming pot of vegetable soup, made from my own canned tomatoes and homemade chicken stock and corn I cut off the cob then froze, could make a tasty slice. It made me ready to return to school.
My love for grey, rainy days is tingling to come out my fingers and on to the screen. I often feel most productive on grey days and usually totally calm.
Maybe I should write about the inexplicable energy I get when I’m around middle school kids. I miss being a part of a class of my own.
I could write about Sam’s buddy Garen. Garen is a fellow train lover. He and his wife had dinner with us last night. Garen’s kids are grown and out of college. Yet, Sam has found a kindred spirit in him.
Or maybe I should share that I’m ready to query for an agent again. I could capture the swirl of emotions as I prepare to push send.
But none of them seem right. 
None of them quite capture what I’m feeling right now.
I can’t seem to make the words dance around and catch what I’m wanting to say.
Maybe it’s because I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the grace of starting again.

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  1. Love your list. But what I really loved was the next to last line “I can't seem to make the words dance around and catch what I'm wanting to say.” Perfect.

  2. I really enjoyed all of the quick glimpses into thoughts swirling around in your mind right now. I agree with Dana, the last line is powerful. I liked how you put it in italics to make it stand out even more. Enjoy your first days back – I am gearing up for Thursday!

  3. ah the rolling of pie crust in LESS than 30 minutes – just rolling pie crust – I love the places this little sentence took me. Thanks for the small thoughts and rich memories you brought forth for me in three short sentences.

  4. You always have a ton of stories…you are such an example to us….the line I've been thinking about … Maybe I should write about the inexplicable energy I get when I'm around middle school kids. I miss being a part of a class of my own.
    Yep, I miss having my own class too…and MS…they have my heart. Are you still researching by having kids over?

  5. A lot is going in your world. Yes, new beginnings. Not every career has that plus. Congratulations on the 400 books! Do you have favorite? Your parents are always there for you. I would miss mine terribly in that case. It's good to get away. I got my fix yesterday visiting you and the middle school. Thanks for being there for me–I had a real purpose to be there!!

  6. I JUST commented to someone else about getting my ” fix” by working with a homeschooler since I've retired. A nice jumble of thoughts that happen as the new school year approaches.

  7. Oh, I am so thankful you did not know what to write about. I loved all the glimpses into your brain. A wonderful slice. Pizza? Or maybe it was a salad, with lots of ingredients from your life. Thank you.

  8. A lot of great ideas for slices to come, and I, too, liked your last line that brought it all together. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is likely to be a pre-writing slice for you Ruth, pondering what works just for you at one time. And like some others, we are all scattered in numerous directions at this time. Best wishes for a great start.

  10. I feel like this sometimes Ruth…the line that struck me was about not being able to capture the words and make them dance. I feel like this sometimes…you always have a great way of knowing just how to write things to connect with other readers…this is why your work is so inspiring to me!