ivy + bean: book 1 (an interview)

Here is an interview with my daughter Stephanie, age 8, and a huge Ivy + Bean fan.

What made you decide to read Ivy + Bean?
(Snickers.) You gave it to me for Christmas.
So what made you open the cover?
Did you look at it? It’s cute. Who wouldn’t want to know more about those characters?
Which character reminds you of yourself, Ivy or Bean?
Ohhh, totally Bean. She’s athletic like me and likes to run around a lot and play tricks on her sister. I’m like that too. Bean is her nickname, and I have a nickname. Plus she is super imaginative like me.
Which character is most like your mom, Ivy or Bean?
Hmmm. Ivy, because she likes to read. And she looks a little wimpy but isn’t.
(Giggles.) She has a good imagination too.
Why would other people want to read Ivy + Bean?
They are really imaginative and funny. It’s like getting new friends. I’m going to give my copy to Abby because she likes to read, and I think she’ll like Ivy + Bean. Maybe we can pretend we’re Ivy + Bean and cast spells.

How about you? What character intrigues you, Ivy or Bean? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a giveaway for a copy of…

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  1. I love that you posted an interview with your daughter. It is fun to see pieces of the dynamics of your relationship and her personality through the conversation.

    My daughter and I have been reading the series as well – so excited to see that there is another coming out. I love that we are able to laugh together and talk about all of their shenanigans. One of our favorite scenes has always been when Bean has to go shopping with her Mom and Nancy.

  2. How creative – love this interview with your daughter! I have yet to read an Ivy & Bean book, but Stephanie has opened my eyes to want to read more! Thanks Stephanie!

  3. Wonderful interview with your daughter! I love that Chronicle is doing this giveaway – I've found several wonderful blogs I hadn't visited before!

    My daughters and I LOVE Ivy and Bean. The oldest pretends to be Bean, while the youngest pretends to be Ivy. It's a pretty accurate game, except for the fact the oldest is the bigger reader (like Ivy). So like a good mom, I must say Ivy and Bean are equally intriguing. ;o)

  4. Sweet post… I've always been an Ivy fan myself — perhaps it's because of my own red-headed, book-loving daughter. Love this series as it is always popular in my library and a great fit for my readers.

  5. I have yet to read Ivy and Bean, but now my curiosity is piqued! I will definitely have to check them out. Thanks for the recommendation, Stephanie!

  6. I'm trying to read more for this age because I'm working with primary teachers this year too, so I've now read the first Ivy & Bean & loved both characters because they are different, but have found a way that works in order to be friends. If I chose a favorite, I guess it would have to be Bean, because she seems even more comfortable in her own skin than Ivy. Thanks Ruth and Stephanie for the interview. I'm glad to hear from a student about this book.

  7. I used this book to show how to write about your reading!!!!

    I am like both…never wanted my sister around and I love to read!

  8. We love Ivy & Bean! We love both characters. Bean really makes us laugh. My daughters and I are intrigued by how different the characters are but the connections between them are so strong.