a tooth story documented (soLs)

“Did you lose a tooth today?” were the first words out of my mouth when Sam greeted me at my car this afternoon.

“Yep, and it’s a story you won’t believe.”

Since he’s six the story doesn’t come out the same every time he tells it. When he told me, he made sure to let me know he had a napkin to blot the empty space and he drank water and spit. When he told Papa, he included three conversations he had with his friends…all of them were trying to convince him that he did, indeed, lose a tooth!

And who knows what he told his teacher. Here is the note she sent…

(We love Mrs. Self. Isn’t she great?)

This is the 1 minute version he told the computer…
(I think the embedded podcast is working, but just in case, here is the link.)

And here is the note he left the tooth fairy…

“Good luck with that,” Hannah told him. I’ve been waiting for the tooth fairy to come for weeks. I even have two teeth and she still hasn’t come.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t leave a note,” Sam said.

“She tried to recycle the note I left,” Stephanie joined the conversation. “I think Hannah really ticked her off!”

“Well she’ll be here tonight,” Sam said, placing the note at the top of the steps.

Let’s hope the tooth fairy remembers.

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  1. Sam certainly knows the value of a piece of writing! That podcast was priceless, thanks for sharing his voice multiple ways. His teacher's letter was also charming–the explanation for the MISSING missing tooth. I especially appreciate the way you wove Hannah and Steph's voices into this story too. They are the voices of reason (or at least the voices of reality).

  2. Oh that tooth fairy needs to have a large bank account. My son tended to swallow his teeth, so he was also writing to the tooth fairy. So cute!

  3. How many tooth fairy stories could there be? In the annals of our history, many. What a great story, Ruth. I love that Sam told us in his own words. I guess that 'thing' scared him so he threw it in the straw. I hope that tooth fairy comes through. I'm glad Hannah & Steph added in their own opinions. Sounds like a big family pow-wow!

  4. Such a fun story. Like I Linda, I like that Sam got to tell us what happened. I keep thinking how lucky your kids are to have a mom who gives them words and lets them tell their stories. These will be priceless when they are older.

  5. What fun to have the combination of your narration, the teacher's note, the audio and his note. When my oldest lost her first tooth she was hoping for 100 pennies. At first I thought she was going to say dollars but when pennies came out of her mouth, I thought, “Now that could actually happen!”

  6. This is so adorable! We are soon to the point where teeth will get loose and fall out – and I love this idea of having him tell the story. (Hopefully we'll have a tooth for the fairy to pick up…what's the going rate these days for teeth?) Thank you!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only tooth fairy who forgets! My kids know to just go get their own money out of the coin jar (but I sure wish someone would write me a note!) 🙂