the button

I’m trying to add the button code to the sidebar. It’s becoming a test of patience. This post is so I can get a link the the button. Just another test at trying to figure it all out.

Update: I did it! After hours of playing around with trying to figure out the code, I finally stumbled across this website. It’s a “Grab My Button” CODE GENERATOR.  If you are looking to add this feature to your blog, then I highly recommend starting here. It will save you hours!

Although maybe I shouldn’t celebrate just yet…let me know if it works!


  1. Hi Ruth-just checked my reader & there was your button. It only takes me to a picture if you're asking about the pic in the blog itself. To have it, I thought I'd have to paste the code into my blog gadgets. That's how mine works. And I did use that site-It helped a lot!