what happened to empty? (soLs)

The last line of my slice from yesterday referred to an empty day today. Huh. It didn’t quite play out that way.

  • Church.
  • Lunch out (Karianne’s treat!).
  • A long walk (and a little jog).
  • Baseball as a family in the front yard.
  • A visit to my parents.
  • Dinner (baked potatoes with toppings and fresh fruit).
  • Youth group for Andy and Karianne, bedtime routine for the kids.
  • Transferring my files to a brand new computer.

What’s that? Yes, indeed! I did say a brand new computer.

Getting a new computer is a little like moving into a new house. It’s exciting, but it takes time to get everything just the way you like it.  The files have to move. The typing speed is a little slower until getting accustomed to the keyboard. The mouse pad has its own quirks.

My old computer was a good friend. I didn’t really want to make the switch, but it was too heavy. I carry my computer with me everyday. My job isn’t one where I stay in a single school the entire day. Nope, I’m in and out, in and out. Tomorrow I’ll be in four different schools, then attend a meeting in another district, then go to another school to lead a Title I parent night.That’s 12 trips in and out — 14 if you count in and out of my house! All of that in and out with my computer has led to a few issues with my arms and legs — mainly the loss of feeling in the extremities. Yikes!

So my new friend is a little a lot lighter. 2.8 pounds. I’m not even going to venture into the way that makes my head spin. All I need to work and write and document and connect is in 2.8 pounds. Wow!

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  1. Wow, Ruth, I just peeked into your notebook. I am amazed at how your brain organizes thoughts visually and spatially. I'm sure those new files in your computer are getting all organized, too, both spatially and visually. May your day feel lighter tomorrow. 🙂

  2. So that quiet weekend came and went. It sounds like it turned out to be a bit busier than expected — but good busy. Congrats on the new computer. I hope it makes life a little easier.

  3. Changing computers could easily eat up lots of empty minutes over the next few weeks. It is mildly stressful, but ultimately worth every extra second it takes to become accustomed to the new machine! That might be the most exciting part of your “empty” day, but I am sure it was not the most fulfilling.

  4. I like your simile “getting a new computer is like moving into a new house.” i liked the idea of the excitement and the work involved. I hope this 2.8 baby makes your life (and extremities) better!

  5. Agreed on the love/pain relationship of the new computer… And I'm officially a little jealous of the weight thing. With the travel I do, I get more than a little resentful of this lug… 😛

  6. Hurrah for the lighter and NEW computer-so exciting. I see that you filled up your day very well indeed. Whenever I have the day yawning before me, I seem to make so many plans that then it is filled. Your list showed you did some very nice things. Happy Day! Your tomorrow sounds a bit challenging – best to you, Ruth!

  7. Wow Ruth,
    In and out 14 times-that is a lot…I think I will keep track of my in and out moves this week-may lead to a slice idea! Best of luck with the new toy! I hope it does make the in and out easier!

  8. I know what you mean about the time spent moving. I did that last summer and purposely waited until summer when I knew I wouldn't be so stressed by “the move.”

  9. Hooray for you! The “empty” day filled with mostly family stuff, which is cool, and a new computer too?!?! Wow!
    I can't wait to see it–it can be friends with my lightweight laptop. 🙂