home (soLs)

This is the first weekend since the last weekend in October that we have NO PLANS. It’s good to be home.

It’s good to be home, snuggling on the couch with Sam at 6:15 am and reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. We were still reading at 8:13 am.

It’s good to be home, surrounded by recipe magazines and books and websites, making a meal plan and a grocery list.

It’s good to be home, cooking in the kitchen with Stephanie, making snacks for movie night.

It’s good to be home, catching up with laundry, using my brand new washer and dryer.

It’s good to be home, playing dolls with Hannah, making up stories and researching facts from history.

It’s good to be home, sitting on the couch with Andy, March Madness and St. Louis Blues’ hockey on the TV,  while words fill the page.

It’s good to be home, knowing tomorrow is empty too.

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  1. Well, AMEN for empty weekends :). October…really??? Liked how you crafted your piece with a comeback line for each item of thankfulness. Sounds like a fun day for your family. Enjoy tomorrow too! b

  2. I like the structure of this slice–it is good to be home for all the right little reasons! Isn't there something about a new washer and dryer that makes laundry temporarily seem, well, FUN? Happy Saturday to you!

  3. I really enjoyed the way you used the repeated line “It's good to be home” throughout. It is a continual reminder of the tone and feeling behind the slice. Yay for you to have a full weekend of an empty calendar…not sure how you managed to survive no empty weekends since October!? Whew!

  4. Ruth,
    You make me wish I had been home all day. Instead we have been sitting in a gymnasium all weekend as my daughter participated in a volleyball tournament. She loves it, and I enjoy watching her do something she loves. Of course the good thing about sitting in the gym all weekend is it is easy to read since there is absolutely nothing else to do between games. I wish I had been home, like you, getting caught up on life a bit.