1400 miles in 81 hours

I love to think of Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one big holiday season of gratitude and merriment and exceptionally good stuff.  I love to slow down during this time of the year. Not that I actually get to slow down, but I adjust my mindset in order to slow down. However, this year the season has started off as a whirlwind and I’m trying to figure out how to s l o w  d o w n my favorite time of the year.

In 81 hours we…
And then, on Sunday…
  • Taught high school Sunday School.
  • Decorated for Christmas.
  • Made my favorite stew.
  • Watched 2nd grade basketball.
  • Decorated more for Christmas.
  • Packed bags for school.
  • Made lunches.
  • Tackled 6 loads of laundry.
  • Read Christmas books at bedtime.
  • Decorated even more.
  • Finally watched my favorite show from last week.
  • Crashed.
And I find myself spun around, feeling a little overwhelmed, ready to settle in to the routine of writing and teaching and documenting life in a way that makes me feel grounded.

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  1. Wow! I'm so overwhelmed by your list, especially the travel. I hope you had fun in the Ozarks; I grew up in Missouri & love the beauty of them. It is a little crazy to do whatever we all do, plus the holiday preparation, although so much fun. Be kind to yourself in the routine. It does seem to help one feel more comfortable, doesn't it?

  2. Holy Cow–you made me tired just reading this! Linda's right about being kind to yourself. You don't want to crash and burn before Christmas!

  3. What a busy 81 hours! I hope you enjoyed yourself in Missouri (my world). Love your verbs, they could stand alone and be an interesting poem.

  4. I am amazed at all you did, and happy for you that you were able to do it all! When you told me all that you had planned while we waited for the Kate Messner session to begin, I couldn't even tell you when I planned to shop for Thanksgiving dinner or get decorations up! You make me want to do more, and live more deeply!