study group: an invitation to write

The Junkyard Wonders by Patricia Polacco…

Who has believed in you?

When we first adopted our girls someone said to me, “They are going to be fine because now they have someone to believe in them.” The words soothed my soul at the time. It makes a difference when people believe in you. It makes a difference when people see your potential, when they love you so much they are always looking for the best in you.

I’m among the most fortunate because my life is lined with people who believe the best in me. My parents and grandparents. My husband. My kids. My extended family. Friends. Teachers. Colleagues. Blog readers. Writers. I can’t even begin to name them in the limited time for this writing invitation. They have empower me to grow up into the best version of myself.

Okay, writing time is over, but now it’s time to reflect on how this writing went for me and how I keep going until the end of time.

At first I was planning to write about how this applies to Sophia (a character in my latest wip), but then I wanted to write about my life first. I was getting ready to transition to my character when time was called.

Now sharing with others…

“Hinge Moments” — What are the little things we do that make a difference?

Mary Helen’s teacher Mrs. Smith changed her life.

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  1. There are five adopted children, now all grown with children themselves, in our family. I never thought of it quite the way your friend described it, someone to believe in them, but it's right. I suspect that there are other children who too need someone & perhaps that's what teachers help with? I love the term 'hinge' moments-have never heard it before. Thoughtful! I think those moments that keep me going are when someone asks how I am & means it. One can tell, & it's important to me. Nice to hear your words!

  2. So glad you shared your quick write. Beautiful. Your family's belief permeates from you to others. Thank them for me, because I am blessed from it. Your children will thank you more and more and more with each day. They are blessed to have you.

  3. “when they love you so much they are always looking for the best in you”

    This is such a poignant line. This is my goal for approaching my students- always look for the best in them. It seems to come more naturally for me with students than it does with adults, but I just might make that my new year's resolution- to look for the best in people.

    Even when your words are just spilling out in a quickwrite, they hold beauty. Thanks for sharing!