letting go of summer (soLs)

Last week my good friend and colleague, Deb Gaby, said in order to fully embrace a new school year, we must first let go of summer. This idea has been tumbling around in my mind. It’s true. We do have to let go of summer. And like so many changes in life it doesn’t matter if we are ready or not. What matters is that we let go and carry on.

Here are some letting go of summer slices:

  1. A pot of chili and warm bread with butter.
  2. Packing lunch at 10:13 pm.
  3. Phone calls in the middle of the day to Andy.
  4. Blogging after kids are in bed (instead of before they get up).
  5. Alarm set for 4:45 am.
  6. A cinnamon scent candle burning on the counter.
  7. Slow cooker out on the counter.
  8. Ironing clothes for the week ahead.
  9. “Clothes people” on the kids’ floors.
  10. Dinner on the table at 5:15 pm.
  11. That little routine of dinner, family time, baths, books, bed.
And just because I think these posters from the Keep Calm and Carry On Etsy shop are super fun, here is a little more carry on inspiration…
Christi Overman has the Keep Calm and Carry a Wand in her classroom.
Just one more reason why she is one of the coolest
teachers I know.
How are you letting go of summer?

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  1. Wish I could afford to buy a keep calm poster-they're such fun! I always like your lists, Ruth, & this time, it's rather sad, even though we have so much to look forward to, as well. I won't make a list, but my goodbye summer is when we put away some of the lawn furniture, keeping out just what always stays out. It's almost a ritual, & tells me that there will be fewer times to be outside lounging in the summer shade. (love that # 10)

  2. It is so true that we must say goodbye to summer before embracing the year. I let go of summer by turning the alarm clock on, tightening our bedtime routine, and intentionally spending those last few hours with my boys. Those hours will be so vital once the hectic year begins.

  3. Your last line of the list is what shows when summer is over. Getting back to the school life routine. Getting up is the hardest for me (and I sleep an hour longer than you).
    Children in Estonia go to school on the 1st of September.
    Poster or no poster: I will keep calm and drink tea (or eat chocolate.)

  4. My sign would and probably will always say, “Keep calm and drink Starbucks.” To save you the suspense, it would be green. 🙂

    Summer's over list: A speedy bedtime routine at 11:20 because I stayed up too late again; bagged meals instead of homemade; grocery shopping at 8 a.m. on Saturday mornings; a house in need of a maid.

    Welcome back!! Have a tremendous year…

  5. I let go of summer by: getting new school supplies, buying a few new outfits for school (colorful outfits that I pull out when the color drains out of the landscape), and returning to my classroom. For me, August 25th is as much a “New Year's Day” as January 1…which really just signals the return to a stack of papers that I was supposed to grade over break.

    “Keep Calm and Walk Your Dog”