notes are very good

Sam loves notes. He loves getting and giving notes. Lucky me I am the primary recipient. Although last week he did give a note to Amy (a high school senior) during dessert club that said:

Amee Uoo r prete!
(Translation: Amy You are pretty!)

I want to remember these sweet notes. (I’m also racking my brain trying to come up with a creative way to document and save this part of our everyday life.) I have hundreds of notes. As a teacher I’m enamored by his development and growth. As a mom I relish the sweetness and genuine love that comes from each one. Here are three I’ve received recently.

Mom, You are very special. Love you, Sam

“This is a diagram of my love.” (Notice the arrow from Sam (he’s the
one in the trains shirt) to the hearts under
my feet and then another arrow from the hearts to me.)
This one is from last night. We had a big day of
back to school shopping, out for lunch,
and a movie. He said when giving me the note,
“Did you know if you make a mistake when writing,
you can just cross it out and keep going?”

Just because notes are a very good thing. I think I’m going to send a few today.

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  1. These notes are simply precious! What an incredibly sweet boy you have. I love his comment when you make a mistake, you cross it out and keep going. What a writer you are raising!

  2. How very sweet. We have a big note writer at our house as well. She is in seventh grade and her notes are now little works of art, usually written on post-it notes. You have inspired me to write about them (and my sweet girl) today. Thanks for all you do to inspire. You are amazing.

  3. These are so sweet. I miss the days of notes. And he is a wise writer–when you make a mistake, you can just cross it out and keep going. I may need to write myself a note with that sentiment on it just to remind myself!

  4. I LOVE notes!

    To save them without saving hundreds of pieces of paper: take pictures of each note (as you already do) and make a photo album of all the notes with translations/explanations – you can do it online at walgreens, snapfish, etc… You could also add artwork that you photograph. It can be an ongoing project that you add to as the notes come, then have the book printed when you think it's “big enough” or yearly or something. Just a suggestion, but I plan to use that idea someday when I have kiddos.

  5. Thank you for sharing the notes with us. As a teacher it is amazing to see the development of writing skills as the kids write notes, lists, instructions, stories. As a mom these kinds of notes make my heart melt even years later.

  6. So wonderful that he takes the time to write and tell you what he thinks. I love the drawings, too, and have kept so many of those mementos of my children. I have notes from my daughter's high school years when she used her sense of humor & her cartooning ability to leave us laughing as she went about her life. Thank you for sharing this sweet part of your life! I wonder if it would be nice to choose one or two things per week, to document the year. Imagine how the notes would change, as your son does!

  7. How fun! I have been collecting a lot of notes/drawings from my daughters as well and can relate to the teacher and mom reactions. I look forward to hearing what you end up doing with them. I have been thinking about the same. I am thinking of starting to incorporate some of them into my scrapbooking, and then I also just ordered Memory Boxes from Paper Coterie that I am going to see how I end up liking those:

  8. These are so special! They are evidence that writing and literacy are all around him and informing him. I also agree that Just Because notes are a good thing — they can be so powerful and make such a difference for someone.

  9. Love these! What a treat! I absolutely adore the diagram of love. I can't wait for my girls to start leaving me notes. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh my goodness, those are the sweetest notes ever. I started framing my son's notes and using them as art in our home. I feel like I'm swapping them daily…and I love it. Keep compiling those precious treasures.