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Category: parenting

In Training {Story 10 of 40}

Click here for the backstory. A few weeks ago, I asked Hannah, “Would you like me to help you learn to run?” She looked up from her book. “Why would I want to run? You know I hate running. You get sweaty and it hurts.” Smiling, because I expected this answer, I said, “I know some of your friends are in cross country and since you are going to the junior high next year, I thought you might want to learn to run. I’d hate for you to not join… Read more In Training {Story 10 of 40}

Faith {Story 9 of 40}

Click here for the backstory. Rahab inspires me. Do you know her story? She was a prostitute in Jericho and men were always knocking on her door in the middle of the night. Then one night, two men knocked for a completely different reason. They needed her help to save their lives. They were spies. There was no reason she should have helped them. There must have been a nudge in her mind, a whisper in her ear, a quickening of her heart in knowing the Lord. It was almost… Read more Faith {Story 9 of 40}

Slow Down for Fresh Strength {4 of 40 Stories}

Click here for the back story. As a lifelong Hoosier, I get a little snarky about this whole spring your clocks forward and miss an hour of sleep thing. (Indiana was one of the last states to succumb to Daylight Saving Time.)  As if we can actually “save” daylight. No matter what we do to the clocks, we have the same amount of daylight. It’s not something we can stockpile. When Stephanie was five, I found her sitting in the timeout chair. Steph spent quite a bit of time in… Read more Slow Down for Fresh Strength {4 of 40 Stories}

Chose Love {3 of 40 Stories}

Click here for the back story. “You don’t always like your daughter, Ruth.” My mother’s words comforted me.  “Really? You mean it’s okay that I don’t like being around her?” I didn’t want to sound too hopeful. I could barely speak the fact in the first place. I didn’t really like being around my six year old. I felt wretched. I’d never met a kindergartner I didn’t like. Until I met my own daughter. “It’s normal,” my mom responded. “Nobody likes their kids all of the time.” I hung up… Read more Chose Love {3 of 40 Stories}