Five Minute Friday {Bloom}

These are my flowers.

I’ve never had flowers bloom like this before. You see, I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening. Death black, in fact.

This year, though, I decided there’s no reason I can’t grow flowers. They are living art. Karianne helped me pick out the palette. We planted together.

I’ve been watering ever since.

It’s amazing what a little water (every day) will do for plants.

Look at them bloom!

It’s easy to water them. It’s easy to skip watering them too.

I think plants are a lot like people. It’s easy to pour love into people. Yet, it’s just as easy to ignore chances to pour love. It’s easy to skip loving people.

It’s amazing what a little love (every day) will do for people.

Try it and watch them bloom!

Five Minute Friday

In the summer of 2013, I came across a writing challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. For more information, check out this link to Five Minute Friday. The nitty-gritty is you write for 5 minutes on a word, then you share your post, and you comment on another. I hope you’ll join too.


  1. Ahhh—believe and water: a charming pair for the welfare of plants! ;>) My flowers would do so much better at the other house when I was away and the neighbor was watering them. That's because he faithfully watered them each morning at 6 before the heat of the day parched them. I, on the other hand, would wait until afternoon and water them only after I heard their desperate cry for water. After all, I got up at 4:30 during school; I deserved to sleep in and take life at a leisurely pace! This summer we are in a different home and it is nurturing me as I nurture it. I'm awake and up most days by 6 and I water my plants in the morning before the heat of the day hits. The flowers are doing wonderfully and so am I. Attitude determines so much.
    I really enjoyed your post! :>) (Your neighbor one removed.)

  2. This is so lovely, and I can totally relate! I also have a black thumb! HA! But, the truth is exactly what you said – they just need water, and so do we. That's what I needed to be reminded of today! I need to be watered in the Word. Thank you for this! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! Blessings!