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Jay has never returned to the same school, with the same kids. Never. He has four years under his belt and has never experienced returning. He doesn’t know whether his friends will be there next year. He doesn’t know if he will be there next year. It’s not a stretch for the imagination to realize that the end of a school year might kick up some hard emotions if all previous life experience tells you that you start over again in August. Not just a new teacher, but a new… Read more Breakthroughs

I Be Myself {Vintage Post}

On the last day of the Beginning Writing Workshop I led, we had the privilege of listening to Barb Bean share her journey of implementing reading and writing workshop. She was quite inspiring (and I wasn’t the only one to notice — almost 1/3 of the participants commented on the uplifting impact Barb had on them!).Of all the uplifting tid-bits Barb shared, the one that impacted me the most was when she said, “Writing and reading workshop has helped me learn to be myself in the classroom.” She said she’s… Read more I Be Myself {Vintage Post}