Stories for Advent

For the past few years I have intentionally written less during the season of advent. I’ve shifted my writing habits to focus on the meaning of Christmas, to thicken my faith, and strengthen my family. Just because something has become a habit, doesn’t mean that it continues to be the right choice.
This advent season I will be writing daily. I will celebrate advent with stories. Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas. This year it will begin November 30 and end on Christmas Eve. Along with opening the advent calendar door each day, I will also be piling words on the page.

We use our advent calendar as inspiration to make life pleasant. Behind each door we find things like: Make fudge and give some to a friend…Drink a cup of something warm and listen to Christmas music…Go sledding…Take a picture of your favorite holiday sight…Put on your jammies, get your quilt, and get in the car – we’re going to look at Christmas lights!
This advent season, much like Lent 2014, I feel compelled to collect stories. Rather than giving up writing to rest and celebrate a favorite season, I will be giving stories as a means of celebration.
I’m excited for what will come from this act of obedience. I hope we will all be blessed in sweet, unexpected ways.

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