Slowing Down: A Curated List

I’ve sat down to write several times today and instead I’ve been rereading a lot of past blog posts that have to do with slowing down. I decided to curate them here, organized by date, according to title, and a snippet of the post.

Celebrate This Week LII (11 October 2014): I celebrate slowing down. The world likes to tell me that I should do more. I’m learning this isn’t always a Truth. The world likes to tell me if I’m not doing everything, then I’m not enough.

The Ketchup Incident (07 October 2014): You have enough time. I have to remind myself of this often. I constantly fight the lie of the world that says there is not enough time.

Slow Down for Fresh Strength (09 March 2014): What if we slow down and instead of lagging behind, we soar? Imagine a world filled with people soaring — people filled with energy because they weren’t exhausted from rushing. And it all begins with slowing down. 

Choose Happy (19 November 2013):  I think the world likes to tell us that we can find happiness by doing this thing or getting that thing. I don’t believe happiness has to do with anything I have or can get. Happiness is a choice. Or maybe it is a bunch of little choices that add up to being positioned to accept happiness.

Not Too Busy (07 November 2013): Too Busy. These words have a tendency to raise my hackles. I don’t ever want to be too busy. I think too busy means I’m missing real life. Too busy means I’m swept up by the current panic or the flashy trend. Too busy means I’m surviving. Life should be more than survival.

Ordinary (11 October 2013): The ordinary events that make up this little life can seem so mundane. Yet, when I position myself to find the beauty and the joy, I am able to slow down and realize the ordinary moments lead to the best celebrations. It is here that I shine. And you do to. If we each celebrate our own ordinary, the world would be much lighter.

Be Not Do (25 September 2013): I don’t have to do anything. I just have to be.

Real Life Now (17 September 2013): I don’t want to be overwhelmed because we have a full schedule or because dinner dirtied a few pans or because the showers are lasting a little past bedtime. Instead, I want my joy to overflow with the giggles bursting and the arms tight around my waist hugging and Andy’s eyes sparkling because we’re in this together and even when they are grouchy and we are in passing vehicles, this family life is very good.

Do Less (16 July 2013):  So today I will do less in order to make room for more. It might just be about my state of mind, rather than the things I do. Instead of thinking about the next thing, wondering how I’ll get it all done, I’ll focus on more giggles and more stories and more tastes of cookie dough from not-so-stealthy little hands. Because this day is too precious to fill it up with stuff. Instead, doing less will preserve it more.

Lighthearted (23 March 2013): Mistakes are part of life. I’m learning to live in the midst of them and still shine. I can do this by choosing cheer. 

Enamored (04 March 2013):  I think this world could use more people being enamored with people. You know, to be completely taken, totally blown away by how remarkable someone is. Simply being enchanted by another person.

Cutting Back (20 November 2012): I know cutting back often results in stronger, more substantial, and deeper roots. I believe less is more. I’m confident this isn’t giving up, but rather growing out of my old writer skin.

Stop (26 June 2012):  Instead I’m going to pause. Linger. Piddle. Be slow. Otherwise, I’m going to crash. Sometimes it gets to the point where we just have to stop.

Mission STORY (12 February 2012): Story is organic. Constantly living and changing and adapting. I like this. I like how we can collect snippets of our past and weave them into a tale. Then we continue living and telling our story and it weaves around, revealing more. Understanding more. Connecting more.

Tasting (10 January 2012): As I’m remembering how to taste my food, I’m also learning how to taste the words I put on the page. I will patiently wait for everything to come together in order to savor life.

Mission STORY (29 November 2011): Writing makes me slow down and soak in the moments I would otherwise forget. Writing makes me appreciate this perfectly ordinary little life of mine. Writing forces me to look life in the eyes and live it for real.

Summer Days (26 July 2011):  Living is more than doing, sometimes it’s in the useless moments where the treasures lurk. 

Connect (21 June 2011): Connections are essential to humans. When I connect, my life is sweeter.

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