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conferring angsts

What do you find most difficult about conferring? This is the question I posed to Two Writing Teacher readers today. It’s an important question, because by zeroing in on the specific things we find difficult, we are able to develop a plan of action. I’m a conferring junkie. I love it. So this question gives me pause. Those are the very best questions. The ones I have to stop and think about for myself. I’ll begin with a little history — the things I used to find most difficult… Getting… Read more conferring angsts

summer ends

There are people in this world who thrive on a schedule. They love order. Predictability sustains them. There is security in minutes counted and to do lists checked. I’m not really one of these people. Last Monday I returned to school. I didn’t prepare, but instead, I just jumped in — cold turkey, so to speak. Four days in and I’ve converted. My kids (not the ones I spend the day in school with, but the ones who live in my house) don’t start school until next week. They are… Read more summer ends