Reading Like a Writer

These are three books I’m hoping to dig into a little more. If you click on the titles, it will take you to Heinemann’s website and sample chapters from all of the books.
Since Deb and I have been asked to encourage and support middle schoolers in annotating text and showing their thinking while reading content area material, I’ve changed my reading patterns a little. I’m especially looking forward to reading Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts book, Falling in Love with Close Reading that just came out a few days ago. I love being a constant learner and continually learning and growing. This is a very good journey to walk.
As a writer, it is important to know what kinds of books already exist when you thinking about a new writing project. Although not necessarily focused on close reading, Deb and I are tinkering with ideas that float around this topic and most definitely are thinking about annotating text. Also, by reading widely about a topic I am able to determine if it is something I want to spend time writing about or if my energy will wane and there is a better place to spend my writing time.
At the same time, I am reading widely about faith, happiness, and healing. Sometimes it is easy to feel like I have nothing to add to the book shelves. Then I remember one more story, one more perspective, one more angle is always a very good way to make the world a better place. 
This week, I’m reading like a writer. I’m determined not to let the Writing Monsters convince me that I shouldn’t be writing.

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  1. You have impeccable taste! I have read two of the three…and that's only because I am still waiting for Heinemann to send my copy of Falling in Love with Close Reading.

    Notice and Note is our department's book study this year. Anytime you two want to talk about middle school readers… you know where to find me! Need someone to try something out? I make a great guinea pig.

    Those Writing Monsters have nothing on you two!

  2. I have Notice and Note, but still haven't gotten to it, yet. Too many others are taking my time, but I think it will be good. I'll be interested in what you have to say about middle school readers and annotation. I've had my readers use sticky notes for years for a variety of noting. Sounds exciting, Ruth!

  3. Love this post as I am thinking about helping students read closer in 5th grade. My favorite line though is about the writing monsters perhaps our monsters could meet and leave us alone.

  4. I am anxious to hear your learning from these texts and your experience. Glad you have Deb to collaborate with. Writing monsters- may they stay away.

  5. I love Notice and Note and when my colleague and I used ideas from it last year with our 6th-8th graders, we were really happy with the results and the thinking it prompted.

    Today I just posted about books that I would like to read as well from a Teachers College Press mailer. One of the books in particular is one that I am interested in for a similar reason as your thoughts about Falling in Love with Close Reading – knowing I would learn from it and an interest in writing about a similar topic.

    Happy reading and writing!

  6. I love the idea of reading like a writer. I'm trying to figure out how to “teach” that to my senior students in College Prep Writing class.

    I came across your blog via a Facebook feed (I don't remember what organization posted it). I find myself reading it now, as I've asked my students to commit to reading a blog of their choice (working at helping them understand the many faces of reading and writing).