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It was a fuzzy sweater and butterfly rain boots kind of day.
I posted this shot on Instagram on the last day of March. The caption read, “It was a fuzzy sweater and butterfly rain boots kind of day. This might be my favorite kind of day.”
And it is true, I do love a good grey day. 
We’ve had a Spring Break filled with grey days and now that the calendar has turned to April, I wonder if it is still truth that I love a good grey day. It is snowing as I write this. The same childhood rhyme that has played in my mind for a lifetime repeats, with a slight twist.

April snow brings…

I pause and consider how to end the line.

April snow brings dinner with friends. I laughed so much with Becca and Lee, and they reminded me how much fun Andy and I have with friends.

April snow brings shopping with the girls. I tried on a pair of shoes that prompted Stephanie to say, “Mom, I think you should ask yourself how often you will really wear those shoes before you buy them.”

They are completely adorable and totally frivolous. The black and white gingham next to a butterfly pattern made them perfectly eclectic and the heel was the height I quit wearing once I started teaching.

Hannah said, “What would you wear them with?”

I laughed and said to both of the girls, “The truth is, girls, there are many reasons to buy a pair of shoes.”

I decided it was time for the lesson my Grandma Myers taught me and my mom reinforced. “Sometimes, girls, you build an outfit around a perfect pair of shoes. You start at the toe and build up.”

Stephanie lifted her eyebrows. “You mean you only wear them with one outfit?”

“To start, and then you get creative. There are lots of things in my closet these will match,” I walked to a different mirror and admired the shoes again.

“Seriously, Mom, you really need to ask yourself how often you will wear them.”

Instead, I asked myself how much I will enjoy wearing them. The answer landed me a new pair of shoes.


April snow brings slogging through the middle.  I’ve been writing thousands of words each day this week. In addition, I’m moving computers…and platforms. I finally bought a MacBook Pro. I am in awe by how fast and friendly it is.

I’m remembering the middle doesn’t have to shackle me. I think the middle is the hardest part. I win when I open my computer. I win when I write a sentence. I win when I say the words out loud, “I am a writer.” It is this sequence that then releases me and I’m able to move through the muck of the middle.

April snow brings hope. I know there is sunshine waiting to break through. April snow reminds me the grey days are still some of my favorite.

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  1. April snow brings-lots of time for reading and writing great blog posts like yours! Thanks for the positive message and love the shoe story!

  2. I love grandma's “justification” but you may regret teaching that to your girls! Ha! I hope you share the outfit you build around the shoes – I would love to see it!

  3. Those shoes are awesome! I know the joy you will have every time you wear them because it will remind you of the shopping day with your girls. April snow brought many good things this week to your world. I hope the good continues, but perhaps let's get over the snow and see some bright sunshiny days.

  4. Now I want to go shoe shopping! And I want to go shoe shopping where you go. And with you! Looks like a lot of fun. Sometimes you meet a shoe that you just cannot pass up. Those are super cute! It snowed here too this week. We have little green buds on the trees covered in snow! Thanks for celebrating. 🙂

  5. I love the boots AND the shoes! Adorable!! Snow is coming to VA today. April snow brings restorative days of quiet! Love this post. Thank you for sharing and for celebrating!

  6. Love, love, love your new shoes AND your boots! I think it is hilarious that your girls were giving you a hard time. But you are right, sometimes you need to build an outfit from the shoes up. It's good they should learn this at a young age. 🙂


  7. I absolutely love these shoes! AND Iove the whole idea of building an outfit around a pair of shoes. There is something magical in frivolous acts.

  8. Ruth, those are my type of shoes. I hope you bought them just for pure fun. Build your outfits from the toe up-wonderful thought. April snow brings hope. While we did not get the snow, we got the damp, chill of winter rain.