Soul Restoration {CELEBRATE This Week: 133}

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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this picture earlier in the week. It was accompanied by the following conversation.

Mom: What’s the book club assignment?
Sam: Everyone brings their own book.
Mom: The we decide as a group?
Sam: No. Then everyone reads their own books all snuggled under a blanket. Then the last few minutes we share…and eat cookies. You bring the cookies.
Mom: Then we swap books?
Sam: I don’t think you understand. Book club is for people who like reading. We don’t need to tell each other what to read. We all have piles of books. It’s just time to read together and talk about your book. Get it?
Mom: Got it.
Same: Good. I would hate to make someone not want to read because they have to read something they didn’t pick. There’s enough of that in school.

(Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)

Sam decided Tuesday evening was book club. I had so much to do. “I’m not sure right now is a good time,” I said.
“You signed up,” he replied. “Get your book and meet me on the couch.”
I sighed and looked at the sink full of soapy bubbles. One popped and another and another. It seemed frivolous to read in the early evening. I had so much to do.
“Mom! Are you coming? It’s starting!”
I squeezed the dish rag and clenched my teeth. There’s no reason to stress, I repeated the words in my mind, hoping I can believe them. I stretch out on the couch and Sam brings me a quilt. “Scoot over,” he says.
I can’t believe we still fit on the couch. He opens his book and begins reading. I’m enamored by him. He gave up video games for book club tonight. I almost forget that that I have so much to do.
“You need to read too, Mom,” he said, giving me a sideways smile.
I kiss the top of his head and open my book. I turn pages and breathe in and out and tension leaves my muscles. I didn’t know I was tense.
This simple action feels like a luxury. I am reading next to my son and it feels like he’s just given me an extravagant gift.
Self-restoration doesn’t have to be complicated. We simply say YES! in the middle of too much to do.

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  1. Ruth,
    I really like the book club created by Sam. And I love that you gave generously of your mom time and enjoyed the “extravagant gift” he gave. I can't stop smiling about how precious the whole story is!

  2. There are those times . . . But then, you realize that washing dishes, or dusting, or some other mundane task is not even close to the same pleasure as reading with your child, or ? Thanks for the story, love Sam's good, good ideas, cookies too!

  3. Moms are the best when it comes to reading and children. I like that you put aside your workload to just read and then realized that's what you needed all along.

  4. “We simply say YES! in the middle of too much to do.” Powerful words!! I love that you live them (even if it can be a struggle) in the middle of a busy life. Well done!

  5. Look at what a great role model you've been to Sam! He knows what's important. : ) Saying “yes” when there is so much to do is so hard, but sometimes is the most important choice we can make.

  6. When I read the announcement, I wanted to hop in the car and drive and drive and drive, just so I could be there too. Sam's final line in the conversation hurts my heart. But you help to heal that by being a member of this very important book club. Yes, there is much to do, but these moments won't last forever, and you know that. Yes is a much better word.

  7. I want to be in Sam's book club! Maybe you can FaceTime me in sometime! 🙂 Sounds like a perfect book club to me. Actually…maybe I'll tell my own kids about it and we'll have our own book club! I can't wait for the ebook!!!