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It’s mid-morning on a Friday and I’m walking in snow globe snow. The flakes are miniature. They float and twirl and spin. It’s the same road I’ve walked for years, but it’s transformed. It’s more than being out for a walk on a Friday morning. (Thank you, three snow days in a row).

Daily walks keep me feeling my best. It was four days since I last walked and I could tell. Too much book writing and not enough walking make for shoulders that tingle, a hip that pulses, and a neck that aches.

The snow dances and it feels magical. I’m learning to be faithful in the small things. Walk every day. Cook more from scratch. Go to bed at bedtime. Write to my word count. Perhaps this is where the true magic lies. The magic of living well is in faith.

I used to strive for balance until I realized balance is in opposition to change. More than balance, I want to live a life hyped up on perpetual change, constant growth, and continual movement. I can’t be balanced and do these things. To balance, one must be still. To balance in yoga poses, I must be still. To balance my coffee cup on the couch while I write, I must be still. Balance, even when on a bicycle, hinges on being still.

Stillness fights change as much as comfort belies growth.

Faith, on the other hand, hinges on living wild and unabashed. It means loving when it doesn’t make sense to love more and giving when you don’t have more to give and moving forward when you’re not sure you have the energy to step. Faith is all about movement.

I’ve been studying some giants of the faith in scripture this week. I found that many run from God at some point in their lives. Moses. Elijah. David. Jonah. Do you know where they all end up? Every single one of them ends up in the wilderness…well Jonah ends up in the belly of a fish, which I think counts as a wilderness of sorts.

They run and end up in the wilderness. God finds them and insists they return to the thing from which they were running. It seems God gets his way when he commands his people to do something.

So if I’m determined to live this one life in a way that is most pleasing to the One who created me, then it seems that it means living by faith rather than in balance. It’s not about stillness, but movement. It’s not about comfort, but about change.

And when we move and change and love wildly, things get a little messy. It’s nothing a little walk can’t soothe — especially when walking by the magic of faith.


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  1. This was a fabulous post to end my day, Ruth. I have been immersed in writing for most of the day (blogging, literary association newsletter, poetry). I missed my yoga time today so it will be tomorrow morning for sure. Faith and writing what great topics you discussed in your post.

  2. “It's not about stillness, but movement. It's not about comfort, but about change.” Just when I'm feeling comfortable, your words come along and point me toward movement and change. Three snow days in a row is something to celebrate!

  3. As you work through the messiness of life, I'm glad you find the things that renew and settle, at least for a while, like your walks. Nice to imagine that snow globe!

  4. I love the visual of “snow globe snow”! Change is always important, but I truly love stillness at times. I feel that “stillness” is the place where I recharge so that “change” can happen after. For me, it seems to be a cycle.
    So excited that you are offering your CL course again!

  5. Through your faith, life makes sense. What a lovely visual of walking in a snow globe. I've been there, but so happy it was not in my world this week. I look forward to each bit of news and writing coming from you.

  6. Mom I love you and everything you do. I love how you tell about me and family and YOU! I love you and always will. Your the best! And also thanks for being my mom. You rock!