CELEBRATE This Week: XCII (92)

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My cup overflows with celebration this week. As I think about my celebrations I thought it might be fun to pair them as opposites. I’m coming to believe when our celebrations are diverse we are mastering the art of living joy.
  1. The kids were at sleep away camp last week. I celebrate the quiet that crackles in an alone house. And now, I celebrated the hustle and bustle of an active home.
  2. I celebrated everything in its place and a tidy home that stayed that way all day and all night and the next day too. And now, I celebrate the shoes by the steps and the bowling pins at my feet and the pile of Legos and the trains on the dining room table and the sketch pad and pencils at the end of the couch and the books sprinkled all over. I celebrate the stuff that comes from happy, active kids…each finding their own niche.
  3. I celebrate eating out. Andy and I zipped into town and avoided dishes at home. One night we stopped at the farmer’s market and brought home a bounty of fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob and purple potatoes to make a summer meal with grilled chicken. Another night we ate out with friends. And now, there’s 28 pounds of beef and 21 pounds of chicken ready to be made into 30+ freezer meals today. I celebrating cooking at home.
  4. I celebrate dictating my own schedule, deciding how I spend my time, and allowing the day to lead me. And now, I celebrate getting to invest in four lives, learning to empower and encourage and support them. 

Mostly, though, I celebrate learning to find the joy in the moments of the day. This is what sustains me. Thanks for celebrating along with me!


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  1. I love hearing the opposites, Ruth. What a great week you had just with Andy and by yourself, and then back into the delicious swirl of family. Both things that make one's life good. Happy Weekend!

  2. Ruth,
    I really like the compare/contrast way you used opposites to write about your celebrations. I connected with the clean vs. clutters ideas as I try in vain over the summer to keep the house cleaned up. Your way of looking at it-“stuff that comes from happy, active kids” is great! Our toy room is definitely an example of that right now! Full of tinker toys and mega blocks (doghouses) and super hero figures as well as summer digging toys-scattered everywhere!
    Thanks for keeping it real!

  3. Ruth – what a lovely celebration of family! I need to embrace the mess better and let my tidy house dreams go. This is such a good reminder for me. Thank you.

  4. I laughed when I saw previous pictures of the aftermath of camping-laundry upon laundry. I thought of you today when I found 3 wet beach towels on the floor of my laundry room just waiting for the odors to rise. Got to love family.

  5. I had fun imagining your twinkly smile when you saw things stay in the same place this past week and the rush of joy when you had reason to just let it all go when the kids came home.