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September 19 will mark our 100th celebration! I’m cooking up some ideas for this milestone. Won’t you please invite your friends to join us?


I’m learning to name surprises in my life. There was a choice I made a long time ago and the response of the person this choice impacted was hurtful and unexpected. It kinda shook me and made me question a lot about who I am and what I do.

I’m realizing part of the reason it rocked me was because I was surprised by the reaction. Life is full of surprises. When I recognize this, then it’s easier to go with the flow.

My first celebration post of the summer was a surprise to me: I decided to follow the path of professional writing with my whole heart. Since then I’ve been thinking about what I have to offer this field. I shared this notebook page at the beginning of the summer…

And today I’m celebrating some of the ways this list has leaped from my notebook to become a dream in ACTION.

{Discover. Play. Build.} Newsletter.
You can sign up in the sidebar over there —> for my official newsletter. I’m so excited about this. Ever since I’ve been blogging I’ve wanted to offer a newsletter. Now it’s happening! The first issue will go out at the end of July.

{Discover. Play. Build.} Website
My website has been hanging out for about 18 months, but this summer I’ve made it into my offering for teaching writers. I really love this space. The art is mine. The words are mine. Plus, I think I finally captured a little bit of my heart and sent it out in cyberspace. This is exhilarating and scary all rolled into one little soul. I think the Resources page and Lessons for Writers page will be the most useful.

Video Mininlessons for Elementary Writers
Last school year, I began creating video lessons for writing workshop. As a coach, this is a great way to support teachers. I make a video lesson and share it with teachers. Then they either watched it and recreate the lesson or play the lesson as the minilesson. I think these lessons are useful to hear how to talk as a writer, as well as how to make a teaching point concrete.

The best place to begin is the Lessons for Writers page on {Discover. Play. Build.} Website.

It’s taken a little bit of time (and a whole lot of conversation with generous colleagues) to figure out an organizational system. I’m still stumbling around and thank you in advance for feedback.

If you begin at Lessons for Writers you will find a link to a Google Drive Website with the Master List of all the flipped lessons. On this table you’ll find links to materials and resources for each lesson, as well as a YouTube link to the video. The materials and resources include charts, as well as materials for students.

{Discover. Play. Build.} YouTube Channel
Here is where I’m housing all of the video lessons. Honestly, I’m really loving the way this channel is growing. Start with the playlists to find the lessons to fit your needs. (Just remember to go to the Lessons for Writers page to find the materials & resources for each lesson.)

If you’re interested in these lessons, you’ll want to follow the {Discover. Play. Build.} YouTube Channel so you will be notified when I add a new lesson each week! (Yes, I plan to add one lesson a week. HappyHappyJoyJoy!)

Choice Literacy Online Course
July 29-August 9 I’m leading a Choice Literacy Online Workshop called Supporting Teachers in Writing Workshop: A Course for Literacy Coaches. For more information about the course structure and content, click the link. If you sign up you also receive the Side By Side book and On the Same Page DVD. If you are not already a member at Choice Literacy or Lead Literacy, you will receive a trial membership to each site.

So there you have it, the way my notebook whims are being put into action.

Places you can find me celebrating throughout the week:
Instagram:  @ruth_ayres
Twitter: @ruth_ayres
(I still don’t have this platform figured out!)


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  1. Wow, much that is good going on with your professional life, Ruth. That notebook page has sparked great things! I signed up, of course, look forward to your newsletter. I was thinking when I saw your post this am that 91 was almost 100. Time goes so quickly. It's been a pleasure sharing with everyone all these weeks. Thank you for the beginnings! And best wishes for this next adventure!

  2. Ruth,
    I know all of these endeavors will be a success! You always have great ideas and thinking that can help cultivate the writing spirit whether celebrating, learning, or teaching. You're still my writing super hero!

  3. I love how you committing to professional writing has totally snowballed into wonderful things for all educators! Thanks so much for sharing these resources!!! You are such a giver… That is a true gift!

  4. Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start! Coming here is such a gift – all of these wonderful celebrations and then all of the things that you so generously share! I'm going to return here later today with my coffee and check out all of the links you have added. Signing up for the newsletter now!

  5. Ruth~
    What a gift you are offering us all! I have already subscribed to the newsletter and after this comment I will subscribe to the YouTube channel as well. I will be sharing this with all my colleagues too!
    I can't thank you enough!

  6. Wow! Can't wait to come back and explore all your new offerings. You give so much to all of us – something else to celebrate this week! Can't wait for that 100th week celebration.

  7. Ruth, I am so glad I read your post today and thrilled to integrate your resources into my teacher education courses this year! I have referred to your work before, but I especially love that you are adding regular video components. Thank you for exploring this new territory.

    You also helped nudge me into exploring a new writing territory (writing publicly about my faith), and I just started that blog this week and am getting ready to write my second post. I haven't regularly been participating in this link up for a very long time, but I am thinking it might be a good time to jump back in.

  8. Wow! You've been so busy! Love the website and I can't wait to explore it. You are incredibly generous. Thank you Ruth for everything! Hugs to you. 😃

  9. YOU are a gift that keeps on giving! Such a humble list has bloomed into an incredible of garden of offerings. Once you find direction, you are unstoppable. I am loving every bit of it!