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June 25, 2013

I am fortunate to have many people who encourage and inspire me. Sometimes I hesitate to write about a few because of the automatic result of leaving others out. This isn’t a post intended to exlude, but to honor these women, who after dinner went for a walk and spent time, unrushed time, just talking and listening and laughing and cryinjg.

I share unabashedly in my writing. I write from my heart. I write raw and real. However, in person, I’d much rather listen than talk. I’d much rather let someone else’s story wrap around my heart than be the one in the light, which, perhaps, seems completely ironic given that my word for the year is shine. I supposed, I prefer to shine quietly.

These women, Linda (far left), Ramona (peach shirt), Elsie (red sweater), and Christy (far right), gave me the gift of gentle listening. They waited for me to talk. They waited for me to say the things I didn’t want to say, the things I was afraid to say, the things I didn’t even want to admit I was feeling. It was an incredible gift, a gift of friendship and story, and one I needed more than I knew. 

This is what I mean when I say writing always gives more than it takes.

Because we write, we were connected before we even met. Then, through meeting, the writing kept giving. Through them, I found pieces of me. I understand myself more. I trust myself more. I believe in myself more. All of this by meeting once?

Yes. (and no.) All of this because we write and then met.

This is the power of writing. Our words weave together, creating a web of relationships, which makes the world a better place. Meeting in person is simply the icing on the cake. I hope you join us by writing some words too. 

Vintage Slice

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