Vintage Slice 9

July 23, 2012

I’ve spent a handful of days in the Ozarks visiting my grandparents almost every year of my entire life. Last week I spent a day in the valley with my kids. I found myself feeling like a child, yet being a mother. It was a combination of spirits that I hope I find more often.

I have a favorite uncle, Uncle Duffer. He’s unconventional as far as favorite uncles go. He brought a four wheeler up to the house for the kids and me. The mother in me said, Nonono. I’m not piling my kids on to that, without helmets, and barreling around the mountains.

My dad said, “You’re in the valley, Ruth. Live a little.”

So we piled on.
And barreled around the red dirt mountain roads trails. Their woots and hoots were worth it. The lack of brakes made it even more of an adventure.

We stopped at the swimming hole.


And swam in our clothes, the way you do in the valley. The water not-cold-enough to keep us out, and the rock too enticing to only jump once.
Yes, being a momma and a kid all at the same time is good for the soul. I think, perhaps, it is how you find your roots, live in the present, and hope for the future all in the same moment. 

Vintage Slice

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