Vintage Slices

I found this old post about the excitement of slicing and remembered. 
We first hosted the Slice of Life challenge in 2008. I failed. It had a lot to do with adopting our daughters during March 2008. They were four and six. I had a lot to learn as their momma.
In 2011, I hosted the challenge alone since Stacey was on maternity leave. The community expanded more than I ever imagined that year. The following years we put together a team to support and encourage new slicers and classroom slices.
In 2013 I decided to step away from Two Writing Teachers in order to make space to write about adoption and faith. Back then I wrote, ” I’m thankful for the years of learning and the Two Writing Teachers community. Because of you, I found my voice and learned my words matter. You’ve helped me become who I am meant to be and have confirmed it is more important to be genuine and authentic than to be influential and significant.
Stumbling across this old post, I remembered the power of pouring words alongside a community of writers. Some of my dearest friends were met through slicing. Slicers are a critical piece of my history as a writer.
My writing life has taken me to a place where the challenge isn’t realistic for me this month. Yet, I have hundreds and hundreds of slices — beginning to collect them in 2007 and continuing to write today. I’ve decided to share vintage slices as inspiration and encouragement this March.
These are gifts back to the Slice of Life community. In the spirit of a gift, you aren’t expected to give anything — this is why comments are closed. Little did I expect the course of this journey to travel how it has when I invited Stacey Shubitz to blog alongside of me about the teaching of writers. We created Two Writing Teachers in the summer of 2007. I will always be thankful for your stories and they way they make my corner of the world better.
Happy writing, everyone.
February 29, 2012
Tomorrow marks March. After five years, March holds a special place in my year. It is the month of the Slice of Life Challenge.

This year it feels significant. Maybe it’s because of the five year anniversary. Maybe it’s because last weekend people were talking about the challenge at Dublin Literacy Conference. Maybe it’s because I’ve helped more than 20 people set up a blog in the last week. Maybe it’s because the challenge has its own hashtag (#slice2012) on Twitter.

Regardless of the reason, I’m excited. I’m looking forward to the connections with others and the camaraderie that comes from banning together to complete a challenge. I’m also looking forward to learning some new things about myself and refining my craft.

It’ll be a good month.

Vintage Slice

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