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Today I celebrate faith.
The faith I celebrate is a verb. It is a choice. It is a process that allows me to live free. I choose to believe because I know God is real. I know it in a million little ways, even though sometimes I question and doubt and play insignificant.

How do I know God is real?

I’m a momma.
I write books.
I live with a 13 year old daughter who has enough confidence to fill the oceans — not haughty confidence, but the kind of confidence that comes from being completely secure.
I have piles of laundry overflowing because we are a healthy, active family.
I have dirty dishes in my sink. Every. Single. Day.
I have a marriage that is solid, even in the wake of mistakes.
I mess up as a parent all of the time and yet, I live with four ridiculously happy kids. They have reasons not to be happy, histories that make my stomach knot and my heart shatter. Yet we have so much loud laughter that it is impossible to even begin to doubt that God. Is. Real.

Because I know God is real, when I come face-to-face with this broken, hurting world, I can love right through the hard. I love when it’s hard to love, because I know God is real.

Today, I can think of no better celebration than knowing God is real and choosing my actions based on this belief.


I’m taking part in the IF conference this weekend. It is hosted in Austin, TX and simulcasted out to the rest of the world. The mission is this:

We exist to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose.

How can you not want to be part of this? You can join here. You can follow along on Twitter and Instagram: #IFGathering.

The question posed is this:

IF God is real, then what?

It’s life changing, if we take the time to think deeply about it. You can join here. You can follow along on Twitter and Instagram: #IFGathering.

Maybe we’ll bump into each other around #IFGathering today.

Share your celebrations below!


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  1. I know that we all have busy lives and blog posts give a small glimpse of what we do, think and feel. I love that these celebrations make me sieve through my week to choose what I wish to remember from a week. I'll return here later to read other celebrations. Hug to you, Ruth.

  2. Ruth,
    Thanks for sharing about your faith and giving examples of the everyday witness to the work of the Lord. Have a great time learning at your IF conference.

  3. Ruth, I thinking looking for God's presence in the Every Day is so powerful. I have a notebook on ideas about this, I really need to write more. Thanks for the encouragement. I was reading about the IF conference; I'll be watching the hash tag today in between basketball games!

  4. Turning toward Him in the “everydayness” is so important and is something I trying to do. Thanks for the reminder. I may try to catch parts of that conference. If not, thank goodness for Twitter!

  5. You are ALL so right….EVEN when I am too busy to write on Saturday, I am thinking through the lens of celebration, reflecting on the bright spots of even the challenging weeks. I really appreciate this forum for reflection and and other who see the cup as half full, even if it is rocking back and forth in the rough seas of everyday life.

  6. Thank you for sharing your post that I missed earlier about your perspective. I appreciate that you share so much of yourself with us. You lead me to think. You are a gift.

  7. Your conference sounds so renewing, Ruth, or affirming is a better word? I hope you enjoy the time there. I'll go check out the tweets! My son & family are there too, at a Scout event.

  8. Holy smokes (because I don't feel I should swear on your blog–though that's how I feel). This post moved me in ways I didn't expect. It's powerful. I want to be a part of that event. I want to know more. I think you are amazing. Thanks for sharing. I wasn't going to celebrate post today, but I'm headed to do it now. Just under the wire.

  9. Ruth, your post is so inspiring, full of faith-filled passion. I checked in on your conference that seemed to be one with many thoughts to ponder. Thank you for your openness and allowing me to listen in on faith-based thoughts.