It’s Just a Meatloaf

On Sundays, I move our meals for the upcoming week from the freezer to the refrigerator. This way they can thaw safely. In the middle of the week Andy’s parents surprised us with smoked pork chops left over from a big shindig they hosted. Smoked pork chops are one of the kids’ favorite meals. Of course we gobbled them up for dinner.

We now had one meal too many thawing in the fridge. Normally this isn’t a big deal, but we were planning to leave for a long weekend visit to Tennessee. We wouldn’t be around to use the extra meal and by the time we returned it would have gone to waste.

I could just bake it, then return the slices to the freezer for meatloaf sandwiches some other time. It would be done. Efficient. Not wasteful. We wouldn’t lose a meal — and let me tell you, those meals are precious.

It’s just a meatloaf, but I wondered if God had another plan for it. As I’ve been trying to deepen my understanding of the authority of Christ, I’m convicted that God not only cares about the details in life, but He is in charge of them too.

I could take care of the issue. The meatloaf would be safely returned to my freezer so I could use it another time.

It’s just a meatloaf, but what if there’s a bigger picture than my dinner table? So I gave it to God. “Here’s an extra meatloaf. I’m sure you can use it.”

I know it’s just a meatloaf, but as time marched through the day, I was expectant. I was sure that at any moment my path was going to cross with someone in need of a meatloaf.

I also knew I didn’t need to search or corral or hunt down a meatloaf needing person. God was in charge of that. I simply needed to be ready for the opportunity to give away a meatloaf.

Near the end of the school day I was talking with a new teacher at my school. “What are you doing after school today?”

“I need to go home and take a meal to the church for a family.”

The teacher is also a friend of mine. We live in the same town and she drives past my house on her way home. I poked a little more. “Do you have it made already or do you still need to make something?”

She smiled, “I know I’m making baked beans and blueberry muffins.”

“Do you need a meatloaf?”

She laughed. “Do you have one to give away?”

I grinned. It’s just a meatloaf, but it made a big difference in that moment.

And it makes me wonder, if God can use just a meatloaf, what could he do with a life totally surrendered to His authority?

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  1. I love hearing stories of “God moments.” That meatloaf was made for someone – just not who you intended it to be. I will think of this story and smile every time I make meatloaf now. Hope you are enjoying your long weekend in Tennessee.

  2. From the title I knew it wasn't just a meatloaf. I knew this meatloaf would make a difference in someone's life. You have such a gift for listening and following the path God intended. Happy Labor Day Ruth!

  3. Love every moment of this post Ruth from the preparation to having meals in the freezer to the trip to TN to allowing God to take care of the meatloaf. Thanks for sharing snippets of your life.