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My friend Joe sent me an email and told me he was rereading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Strangely enough, I’m rereading it this week too. Joe asked me to read Chapter 7, “Your Best Life…Later” and then send him some thoughts. I like the way our thinking weaves around one another and gets to new ideas.
I had my year-end evaluation meeting on Friday afternoon. It feels good to know my evaluator notices the ordinary, daily grind kinds of things that make significant impact.She empowers me to chase after my questions and find solutions in unexpected places. She helps me to trust myself and to take risks.
Next week we have a meeting regarding Jay’s adoption. It makes us happy to feel like there is movement forward. It has been a long process. I’ll look forward to being able to share the story someday.
Speaking of stories, did you see I posted TWICE this week? A special thanks to Christy, who sent me a little email nudge and reminded me that my stories matter.
Are you signed up for All-Write Summer Institute? It’s not too late and COLBY SHARP is going to present on Thursday. Pretty please, won’t you come to “summer camp” for teachers? Also, I hope it works out for you to join us on Wednesday for the preconference dinner. ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome! Just sign up here so I make sure there are enough seats in the restaurant!


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  1. I've never read Crazy Love. I will look into it for sure! Oh how I wish I could go to All Write. I love that your admin sees the daily stuff as important. I tell my husband all the time, we need to raise our kids to be happy with day to day life and not always live for birthdays and Christmas. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. It sounds like a good week, Ruth. Hope the weekend is good too. Looking forward to All-Write, and glad to hear you're posting again.

  3. I look forward to when you share the story of Jay's adoption. Wishing you lots of positives that all rolls out smoothly. Thanks so much for this weekly sharing. I needed it in particular this week.

  4. You are lucky you have an evaluator that pushes you to become your best. I am dealing the just the opposite here at the end of school year. I am counting down the days to All Write! So excited!

  5. Have fun with ALL WRITE. I wish there was something a bit closer to California. And yay to you for posting twice. Good thoughts for the adoption process.

  6. Note to self: don't plan a vacation in June next summer! All Write is going to be on the calendar! I appreciate the way you write your celebration posts – honest and straight from the heart.