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Discover. Play. Build.

Happy Saturday! I’m glad you’re here to celebrate together. Share your links below. You can also share on Twitter (#celebratelu) or on Facebook at the Discover. Play. Build. page.

Celebrations from My Corner of the World

I’m still smiling because of everyone who is joining the Celebrate Link-Up! I’ve created a CELEBRATE This Week page in order to help explain the link-up and encourage others to celebrate with us each week. Check it out here for guidelines and background information.

I’ve also adjusted the image so it should work on a sidebar too. (I didn’t even think about people adding it there.) Grab the new code above and let me know if it still needs adjusted.


I’ve been trying to see the world like Elsie. Here’s a photo I took after looking for a week. I love the way this red leaf shines among the grey and brown and tan. I love how it is standing tall. I’m celebrating seeing the world through new eyes and plan to do it again next week.


I made Maple Walnut Pumpkin Pie (only I substituted pecans for walnuts). It’s a celebration for many reasons. First, Jordan has been asking for pumpkin pie. I put a piece on his plate and he said, “I can’t believe I get to finally taste pumpkin pie!”

“You haven’t had it before? You said it was your favorite.”

“I always knew I’d have pumpkin pie with my forever family. I’ve been waiting a long time to try it.”

It was a hit. But then Sam ate a piece too. Recently he has started trying new foods without a full battle taking place. It’s a celebration that he is enjoying new foods.

I also took a couple pieces to my neighbors and enjoyed a visit with them one evening. It was nice to sit and chat.

Finally, it’s a celebration that I can roll my own pie crust. Homemade pie always makes Andy smile.

I learned more about the writing process this week. I’m reminded (once again) that it is personal. I’m also reminded when I have predictable time and space for writing, then the unpredictable can happen. I’m usually not much of a planner before drafting kind of person. However, in the case of my new project, I’ve thought through each chapter, including stories and big ideas and quotes to support each part. This is exciting.


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  1. How is it possible that I'm the first one in???
    Oh. I'm the first one up. Enjoying my hot tea and writing time.
    I'll be quiet as a mouse while the rest of you sleep in.
    I'll come back later to comment.
    Shh…sweet dreams!

  2. When I look out of the window, I see gray clouds and rain, but I love the Saturday nevertheless. I'm celebrating and I know there will be many who will join the crowd. Happy Saturday!

  3. A lonely red leaf stands brightly demanding attention from observers. Glad you stopped, looked, and snapped. MMM, that pie sounds yummmmy! I love Jordan's response. Makes me wonder what else he has saved for the forever family.
    It's good to read your celebrations, which follow a tough week. Happy weekend Ruth!

  4. Many things in your week sound special, Ruth. Jordan's response calls for contemplation, of what we assume, and what we get wrong, in our lives and in our students and in our families. I'm happy he got his pumpkin pie. The photo is awesome!

  5. With every season there is a new beginning. That leaf looks so happy sleeping among those rocks. Everything is going to sleep to start again. I am so glad Jordan got his pie. What a special moment for you all.

  6. Enjoyed a little bit of quiet this morning while I wrote. Won't last long as the boys and their families are here.

    “I always knew I'd have pumpkin pie with my forever family. I've been waiting a long time to try it.” That boy is sneaking his way into my heart. Love this line…..

  7. I just love reading your family stories.,,,they tug at my heart, make me smile. Thank you for sharing this part of your life. Have a wonderful week….I am off to look up that pie recipe!

  8. Most metaphorical pumpkin pie ever! For Sam, a symbol of all the new he has embraced recently. For Jordan, a symbol of the security of family. For you, a physical manifestation of all you give to your family–love.

  9. That pumpkin pie sounds scrumptious. Made even more delicious by the way it was received. I love the photograph of that red leaf also…autumn is my favorite season and it is nice to pause and reflect on the beauty of a fallen leaf.