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Laundry is my nemesis. A few years ago, I decided that I should embrace it for what it is: a sign of  a healthy family. That made laundry tolerable.

This summer I wondered what would happen if I quit rushing every load and instead took my time. So I’ve been trying to enjoy laundry. I tell myself to be thankful for the dirty knees and the extra practice clothes. I tell myself to smile at the inside out arms because these arms won’t always be little. I tell myself to be thankful for the washer, dryer, and laundry soap that are in my house.

Andy gives me a high five when I remember to transfer the load from washer to dryer so it doesn’t mildew.

I force a smile and fold the clothes and stack them  in piles to set in front of bedroom doors.

Laundry no longer wins the war in our house. Daily the washer churns and the dryer tumbles and I fold and stack clothes. The smell of clean laundry is the one thing I don’t have to fake liking.

Because no matter what, I will always like stacking words better than stacking clothes.

Five Minute Friday
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This summer, I came across a writing challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker that I thought I’d give a try.For more information, check out this link to Five Minute Friday. The nitty-gritty is you write for 5 minutes on a word, then you share your post, and you comment on another. I hope you’ll join too.

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  1. when i was a teenager my mom made me do laundry if i wanted extra TV time. i learned to love the creases, the non-wrinkled shirts and the sock-matching-game. there is joy in the mundane, if only we look for it. i'm glad you're finding it more and more. high fives always help.

  2. I love “that you love stacking words better than stacking clothes”! Me too. Of course, it's wonderful to be able to put a positive spin on everyday trials. Thanks for the great reminders. Plus a cup of white vinegar in a rinse helps if you do leave it in the washer too long. (firsthand experience!)

  3. I love the positive outlook. A high five?! Love it! FYI: the young lady I mention in my post was you. I remember when you got the girls and the talks we had. Now, I kind of look forward to Wesley's laundry. I know I will hear a story when it is done. And do you know how happy a 16 year old is to find her favorite shirt is clean? Thanks for introducing me to 5 min Fri.

  4. That's great that you were able to find joy in doing laundry. I'm still looking for the joy in it. Sometimes I get glimpses of it. But then I see the pile of socks that needs to be sorted. // Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself by way of a comment. have a great week! xo