{ordinary}: Five Minute Friday

Ordinary is my favorite. Ordinary meals and ordinary clothes and ordinary evenings. I find myself craving ordinary. I think this is why my One Little Word for the year still scares me (even nine and a half months into the year).

Even though I strive for ordinary, the mere word — shine — demands being set apart. I keep thinking if I learn to shine in the ordinary, maybe I can still blend in.

Doing dishes and sorting laundry and steaming broccoli.
Putting gas in the car and answering email and getting book bags ready for the next day.
Braiding hair and picking up a gallon of milk and writing a blog post.

The ordinary events that make up this little life can seem so mundane. Yet, when I position myself to find the beauty and the joy, I am able to slow down and realize the ordinary moments lead to the best celebrations.

It is here that I shine. And you do to. If we each celebrate our own ordinary, the world would be much lighter.

Five Minute Friday

This summer, I came across a writing challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker that I thought I’d give a try.For more information, check out this link to Five Minute Friday. The nitty-gritty is you write for 5 minutes on a word, then you share your post, and you comment on another. I hope you’ll join too.

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  1. I like how you're combining your One Little Word and your ordinary days. If only more people wanted to do the same! At work, at home, alone, letting yourself to shine in ordinary times allows you to share your light in so many more moments. That is to be admired.

  2. I think you are quite ordinary — yes, in a good way because you are “just one of us.” Yet, you continue to shine in so many ways that you are also EXTRAordinary. I love your advice: “If we each celebrate our own ordinary, the world would be much lighter.” I couldn't agree more.

  3. There is something special in braiding hair.
    Your five minute fridays are no random ramblings, they each have a clear thought and feeling.

  4. Ruth, Your post makes me think of a Mother Teresa quote.
    “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”― Mother Teresa
    I know, from reading your posts that you bring extraordinary love to ordinary situations.